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We explored the opportunities and the challenges involved in the evolution from combustion engines to hybrids or fully electric drivetrains . This transition led to a totally new approach to the design of a superyacht tender. The low and compact drivetrain frees up a ton of deck space, which DutchCraft optimized by implementing a modular deck system that is able to support a wide variety of purposes.

The maximum battery capacity is 134kWh, while the continuous power is 100kWh. The boat is able to cruise fast at 32 knots for up to 75 minutes , which is more than enough to deliver guests from a superyacht to the shore and back several times or even to go waterskiing. At the same time, it can cruise for up to six hours at six knots, which allows peaceful exploration of hidden bays or islands for a day trip with no fumes or noise.

The DC25 has a modular deck design that allows for fast and easy changes between operational modes such as superyacht tender, dive boat, sport fisher, toy carrier and family cruiser. Combined with a robust and practical hull the DC25 guarantees an ‘easy boating’ experience for owners, year after year.

The DC25’s electric drivetrain delivers silent and environmentally-conscious propulsion with excellent range and speed potential. For a safe and dry trip ashore, the DC25’s uniquely designed hinging bow door means worry-free direct access straight onto the beach.

  • Price: Contact for price
  • Condition: New - Available for Order
  • Boat Type: Cruising, Dive Boat, Tender
  • Manufacturer: DutchCraft
  • Boat Model: DC25
  • CE Design Category: Category C – Inshore
  • Year: 2020
  • Hull Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Colour: Various
  • Length: 8.04m / 26.3f
  • Beam: 2.38m / 7.8ft
  • Draft: Up: 0.40m / 1.31ft • Down: 0.82m / 2.69ft
  • Weight: 2.25t / 4,960lb
  • Motor Type: Inboard
  • Top Speed: 75 minutes
  • Range Cruising Speed: 6 hours @ 6 knots Dimension capacities within 5% accuracy. Range depending on engines and battery. Particulars are given in good faith but cannot be guaranteed
  • Peak Power Output: 135kW ( (20 sec.)
  • Continuous Power: 100kW
  • Battery Capacity: Standard: 89kWh • Optional: 112kWh & 134kWh
  • Passengers: 12
  • Freshwater Capacity: (Optional): 150 L / 40 gal
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Groot-AmmersNetherlands,Europe https://www.dutchcraft.com

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