Electric Yacht 48 Volt Electric Sailboat Motors

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Clean, Green, and Quiet Electric Propulsion
No more headaches, oil changes, or exhaust smell
Plug-n-Play engineered, tested, and ready for quick installation
Powerful, instant on allows easy maneuverability
Regenerative power while under the sail and motor in neutral
10 years of proven production with over 450 installs
3 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

Complete Electric Motor Solution for your Sailboat
An electric propulsion system consists of a number of components. We will help you design and size a system that meets your needs and provide support through the installation and commissioning phase, as well as ongoing as needed.

In addition to the motor kit itself, we supply batteries, chargers and any other components needed.


THESE ARE 48 V SYSTEMS up to 30kW – Also »» see our 72 V and 96 V motors up to 60kW

QuietTorque™ 5.0DD Electric Motor
The QuietTorque™ 5.0 is a 5kW electric propulsion system recommended for boats up to 29’ (LOA) and 7,000lbs displacement.
List: $5,495.00

QuietTorque™ 10.0 Sport Electric Motor
The QuietTorque™ 10.0 Sport is a cost effective 10kW electric propulsion system designed for the day sailing and coastal cruising sailboats up to 35’ (LOA) and 12,000 lbs displacement. Typically programmed and sized to push boat at cruising or harbor speed.
List: $5,495.00

QuietTorque™ 20.0 Electric Motor
The QuietTorque 20.0 provides up to 20kW electric propulsion. 48v plug-n-play system for boats to 45ft. 22000lbs. Similar thrust of an 35 to 40hp diesel.
List: $9,995.00


QuietTorque™ 20.0 Sail Drive

The QuietTorque™ 20.0SD is recommended for monohulls up to 45’ (LOA) and 24,000lbs displacement; catamarans from 40′ to 46′.
List: $14,995.00

QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC Sail Drive
The QuietTorqueTM 30.0LC SD is recommended for boats up to 45’ (LOA) and 28,000lbs displacement. Liquid cooling provides for high sustained output, ideal for hybrid applications. Replace diesel engines up to 60hp. Typical battery size is 400 – 600Ah.
List: $22,995.00

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