Torqeedo Travel 503, NEW 603, 1003 & 1103

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Torqeedo arguably started the electric outboard revolution, and make some the most advanced small portable outboards in the world. We think they’re excellent but we do also know and understand their limitations; this page is not the usual re-quoted manufacturer blurb you’ll find elsewhere. And there is no point trying to hide the fact that Torqeedo no longer have this market to themselves.

Both manufacturers make 1kW electric outboards with lithium battery packs where you’d expect to find the fuel tank. They are roughly equivalent (saying equal is misleading), in terms of what they achieve on the water, to 3hp petrol outboards. But much easier to use, quieter, cleaner and easier to store. The advantages are so significant that it’s now difficult to think of a reason to buy a small petrol motor.

As of November 2020 we are still the only significant UK Dealer to stock and sell both Torqeedo and Epropulsion… and we are number one in the UK for both brands. There are many similarities between the two, and some important differences. We’ve used the three main models – Torqeedo 1003 & 1103, Epropulsion Spirit – and it’s only by stocking both brands we believe we can listen to you and recommend the one that will suit you best (rather than being a single brand dealer and forced to try and sell you that one).

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  • Price: £1249 - £1869
  • Condition: New - In Stock
  • Motor Type: Outboard
  • Motor Manufacturer: Torqeedo
  • Motor Model: Various: Travel 503, NEW 603, 1003 & 1103
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Christchurch, Dorset, UKUK,Europe

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