Aqua superPower expands marine high speed charging corridor in Spain

Electric boat charging network Aqua superPower is expanding its marine high speed charging corridor along the Spanish coast, adding the Barcelona’s Marina Vela to the recent installation in Port of La Rápita on the Catalan Coast.

Aqua is building a global marine charging network and the emerging Spanish section follows the station-by-station strategy the company is successfully implementing at British, Italian and French Riviera marinas like Plymouth, Venice, Cannes and Monaco. There are also installations in California and Michigan in the USA.

Marine high speed charging managed by Aqua

Under the company’s business model, there is no cost to the marina for charger installation. Aqua builds, own and operates the station network and then manages these assets via the cloud. Customers access the stations through a downloadable Aqua app and the company monitors everything from the charging sessions to payment to maintenance, customer care and unique connected services.

marine high speed charging station locations map - Europe
Aqua superPower network continues to grow in Europe

Working with Aqua in Barcelona was ChargeGuru Business Services (CBS), who install and operate electric vehicle chargers and other services in 8 European countries. CBS also worked with Aqua on the marine high speed charging station in France’s Port of Cogolin.

“We are delighted to be working with Marina Vela as the first in Barcelona to join our fast charge network” said Pedro Companys, Aqua superPower Business Development Manager for Spain and Portugal. “Access to charging that provides a reliable ‘plug & charge’ experience and features like charge point visibility is essential for boat owners to develop confidence in transitioning to electric boats.”

The Marina Vela installation has a power of 75kw and twin CCS2 (Combined Charging System) connectors – the same as those used for EVs. Two electric boats can simultaneously recharge at the station in as little as 20-40 minutes. 

Aqua's marine high speed charging station on the dock in Barcelona
Two electric boats can recharge simultaneously

Marina Vela Barcelona is one of two Preferred Marinas for the city’s hosting of the America’s Cup in August 2024 and is home to a variety of marine companies, including electric boat builders Magonis and ZEN Yachts.

It has 130 moorings available for rent or purchase as well as the largest robotised dry stack marina in Europe. The facility can store 222 boats up to 9 meters in length and get any of them into the water in less than 6 minutes.

Electric boat demos at charger launch

In addition to dozens of services for boats and boaters, the marina has also set out a mission to transform the Barcelona waterfront with a recreation complex that includes 4 star restaurants, exclusive boutiques and event venues.

There were two electric and hybrid boats at the launch of the high speed chargers: the SEAL from Vita Yachts and the D28 Formentor e-HYBRID from Barcelona-based De Antonio Yachts and Cupra.

For the ‘electric boat curious’ attending the launch, the Vita SEAL was available for test drives and to demonstrate how its intelligent software and DC fast charging capabilities combine seamlessly with the Aqua superPower network. The 7m/23 ft electric RIB, (shown in the photograph at the top of this article) is designed to be an everyday, utilitarian boat for both commercial and recreational use.

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The D28 Formentor e-HYBRID is De Antonio’s first high-performance dayboat with hybrid motorization. It integrates two 15kw retractable electric motors developed by French company BlueNav with a hidden 400hp Mercury outboard motor. The captain can switch between electric or combustion as circumstances dictate. In electric mode a bank of six batteries provides a range in electric mode of up to 12 miles  – 2 hours at a silent cruising speed of 6 knots (7 mph /11 kmh).

Lluís Salvador, the President of the Port of Barcelona, thanked Marina Vela Barcelona and Aqua superPower for their commitment to install the first electric marine charge station in Barcelona.

Alberto Garcia, Director of Marina Vela Barcelona, said  “The Aqua charging station is another important step in converting the port of Barcelona into a green port. It is part of our commitment to the environment and leading the way in sustainable marina management practices.”

AQUA superPower Marina Vale Barcelona

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