Australia’s 1st high performance electric yacht – the Genevo E8

Australia is joining the ranks of countries with entries in the electric yacht market as Genevo Marine gears up for the launch later this year of its 8.2 metre (27 foot) Genevo E8.

Genevo was founded by two experts in solar cell technology, energy storage and EV charging, Damon Rahmate and Andrew Davey, who worked with award-winning superyacht designer Misha Merzliakov to bring their marine ideas to life. Most of Merzliakov’s work has been on +30 metre yachts. This is his first dayboat and first electric commission.

Electric yacht builders Damon Tahmate and Andrew Davey of Genevo Marine
Damon Tahmate (L) and Andrew Davey of Genevo Marine

The E8 will be built by one of Australia’s leading composite boat builders, Dan Williams of at the Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard, using recycled carbon fibre. Dan has been boatbuilding for 18 years, with specialist expertise in race yachts and custom builds, working in Australia, the UK, Netherlands, UAE and the US.

Recycled composite construction

Genevo works with Deakin University in Melbourne on the testing of the materials and there are plans to source the raw materials from an aerospace carbon fibre recycling plant.

“Andrew and I are both boaties and surfers” said Damon. “Our objective is to develop and manufacture an Australian boat for our conditions that will have the least impact on the marine environment and help ensure the oceans, bays and rivers are healthy for our kids and future generations.”

The E8 has been designed to carry eight passengers with room to spare and is equally at home as a family and friends dayboat, fishing boat or high speed tender. The 400kW electric drive train with 132kWh Lithium-ion battery enables a full day on the water at lower speeds, with the option for short term speed when necessary.

Geneva 8 electric yacht

“We’ve engineered a considerable amount of overall efficiency” said Damon, “so any concerns around range anxiety are countered with the fact that the average recreational boat user travels 10km or less in each trip. We estimate the range for the E8 is 50 nautical miles at 25 knots and more than 100 at cruising speeds”

There is also a comprehensive telemetric system for remote systems monitoring and a 1kW solar array on the canopy to power the E8’s Garmin audio entertainment system and Polk cooling setup.

Electric yacht one arm of the business

With their backgrounds in solar energy and EV charging, the Genevo team is bringing some innovative ideas to the charging side of the electric boat equation. “We have been able to approach electric boat building with fresh eyes,” said Andrew. “We have access to the most efficient, cutting-edge technology in an industry that is constantly evolving.”

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Genevo Marine will be working with Kempower to roll out a fast-charging network at strategic marinas throughout Australia to support not just their own boats but also encourage electric boat demand.

“Our charging technology has the capability to satisfy fast charging to both electric boats and EV’s and our partner is a world leader in dockside chargers,” said Damon.

Genevo R8 electric yacht artist conception

“The satellite fast charge pedestals are slim, compact and proven in harsh marine environments. They are also more easily scaled up in dockside environments, which will be important as the number of electric vessels on the water increases.”

The goal is for the fast-charging network to operate as an ancillary business arm to the Genevo boatbuilding and to cut out the requirement for third party providers.

The team from Genevo expects production to begin in mid-2024 and the first units will be available for inspection and sea trials by the end of the year. The company is taking pre-orders for the E8 on their website.

Genevo E8 Specifications

Length LOA 8.2 m / 27 ft
Beam 2.48 m / 8 ft
Construction Composite
Dry Weight 2500 kg
Motors 400 kW / (2 x 20 kW optional)
Battery Pack 132 kWh Li-ion
Solar 1kW Integrated Solar System
Infotainment 16″ Garmin Screen and Polk Audio
Price  $480,000 AUS (≈US$310,000 / €290,000)


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