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The Plugboats Electric Boat and Boating Directory of Suppliers is the complete international directory for electric boating: electric boats, motors, outboards, inboards, pods, saildrives, motors, batteries, chargers and accessories, as well as electric boat rentals and charters.

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Different from the Plugboats Directories, the Plugboats Guides compare motor-to-motor with specifications giving power ratings, motor type, weight and other specifications – including MSRP price in many instances. 

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plugboats electric boat and boating directory logo The directory below includes all manufacturers, dealers and online retailers of all categories of electric boats and related motors and accessories.
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Photo of Electric Yacht

Electric Yacht

Address 5042 Lowry Terrace Golden Valley MN 55422 USA Phone: 1-855-339-2248 Website: electricyacht.com


Electric Yacht electric motors for sailboats

Get back on the water fast
with our
easy install and complete solution.
Hundreds of installations from 22 to 66ft

Clean, Green, and Quiet Electric Propulsion
No more headaches, oil changes, or exhaust smell
Electric Motors for Any Size Boat

  • Plug-n-Play engineered, tested, and ready for quick installation
  • Powerful, instant on allows easy maneuverability
  • Regenerative power while under the sail and motor in neutral
  • 10 years of proven production with over 450 installs
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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