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Photo of Vukovar Waterbus

Vukovar Waterbus

Address Parobrodarska ul. 2, 32 000 Vukovar Vukovar Croatia Phone: +385 98 344 741 Website:



The first tourist boat in Vukovar after the 1930s…
The first electro-panoramic tourist boat on inland navigation
The first ship built to EU standards since Croatia joined the EU

An electro – tourist panoramic riverboat that is fully functional for ecologically sustainable tourism, with a capacity of 60 seats and sails throughout the year.

MAGENTA 1 VUKOVAR WATERBUS is fully glazed, providing a unique view of the City and its sights: Eltz Castle, Church, Water Tower, Borovo Factory, Vukovar Harbor…

It is conceptualized as a multipurpose space; as a lounge or as an exhibition space where artistic installations and installations of cultural and tourist content take place.

The main activities are regular navigation on the Danube, navigation meeting, night navigation, navigation fun, single-gastro navigation …

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