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Water Taxis and Ferries are commercial boats made to move people quickly and quietly. Some of these are like luxury limousines more than taxis. There is not a specific distinction between what is a water taxi and what is a ferry, but water taxis in general would hold up to 20 people and ferries hold more than that.

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Photo of BarchElettriche BarchElettriche

Our Electric Boats

We have always believed that the future will be full of electric motors, both in boats and in cars, but we were born in Venice and therefore we have focused on the sea route, or to stay closer in the lagoon.

Our conviction regarding electric boats was so deeply rooted that since 2005 the adventure started with an epic journey: The circumnavigation of Italy, the “IMES” boat set sail from Venice, has always reached Genoa only by the power of the sun. If then it was possible to reach this much, today technology has made giant steps:

Nothing is missing to confirm that ours was not an illusion, now it is a certainty.

Venice, Italy

Photo of Candela Candela
candelaspeedboat.com +46 (70) 513 65 89

Candela C8 hydrofoiling electric speedboat

Simply a better experience
In order to make a truly compelling electric craft, we had to rethink boats.

Instead of punching its way through the waves, C-8 flies silently above the surface. Instead of fitting a bigger engine, we went for dramatically improved efficiency by developing a pod motor optimized for hydrofoils. Instead of creating huge swells, we made a craft that leaves no wake behind.

To this, we added the best user interface ever seen in a boat, over-the-air upgrades, and all the amenities and comfort you would expect from the world’s best leisure boat.

Location: Lidingö, Sweden

Photo of Gloss Yachts Gloss Yachts
glossyachts.com +39-347-4738817

Electric boat from Gloss YachtsThe EUVES is the most technically advanced day cruiser on the water. Gloss Yachts has created a sustainable solution for commercial and recreational activity.

The Gloss Yachts EUVES / Efficient Utility VESsel is the first in the family of highly versatile and adaptable modular designed catamaran. Eco-conscious design for an eco-luxury experience. Available with a multitude of options and configurations.

Location: Pescara, Italy

Photo of Green City Ferries Green City Ferries

The ferry in brief
A comfortable commuter ferry for 147 passengers, 20-30 bikes,  Speed 35 knots, ASV hull , limited wake wash, Charging 8 -15 min,

Distance  max 14 nm, exclusive interior. The BB Green 24 model is standardized and will be serial produced to meet the market need.

With our lightweight carbon fiber ASV hull and optimised interior for commuting we reduce the wet surface by 80% using 40% less energy for propulsion than modern carbon fiber catamarans

Photo of Grove Boats Grove Boats
grove-boats.com +41 (0)24 430 30 10

Electric Boat from Grove BoatsGrove Boats SA designs, builds and commercializes electro-solar and hybrid boats intended for passenger transportation, for capacities ranging from 12 to 100 passengers.
Our products are designed in Switzerland, built in Europe and used throughout the world; they combine nautical know-how and solar technology.

Our experienced technical team is also available for engineering and consulting mandates related to “clean navigation” and the development of prototypes. Such developments enabled us for example to recently launch the “Solar SeaCleaner”, first st “zero emission” boat to clean port and swimming areas

Location: Yvonand, Switzerland

Photo of Iliofos Iliofos
iliofos.gr +30 215 515 0344

ILIOFOS Co. is a Greek company specialized in the retrofitting of boats & vehicles with internal combustion engines at Electric & Hybrid, at sales of parts but also in after sale services. Our experience from one side, rank us among the leaders in specific technological divisions and on the other side gave us the possibility to assist our customers in any project, helping them to make their enterprise a star and valorized her in the worldwide community, achieving also their environmental commitments.

Photo of Matteri Canitere Nautico Matteri Canitere Nautico
matteri.com +39 031914456

Prestigious Shipyard on the Shores of Lake Como specialized in the restoration of vintage boats, Riva restoration and in the construction of unique models.

Photo of ODC Marine ODC Marine

ODC Marine electric ship seen from above

ODC Marine is an innovative French shipyard specialized in Designing and Manufacturing aluminum workboats.




100% Electric / 100% Electriques
6 hours @ 6 knots between charges  /  Pour une navigation de 6h à 6 nœuds entre deux charges

2 hours at 6 hours at Electric 20 knots at Diesel /Pour une navigation de 2h à 6 nœuds électrique et le reste du temps à 20 nœuds au diesel

Engine Catalytic Converter /  Catalysées
When electric propulsion is not appropriate. Catalytic converter reduceds gas emissions, NOx and fine particles / Quand les propulsions électriques ne sont pas appropriées, la dépollution des gaz d’échappement réduit les rejets de gaz Nox et de particules fines

Quand les propulsions électriques ne sont pas appropriées, la dépollution des gaz d’échappement réduit les rejets de gaz Nox et de particules fines


Conventional painting contains solvents (Volatile Organic Compound) harmfull both for human health and environment. Mader water based painting eliminates the main environment impact within shipbuilding


Acoustic comfort contributes to vessel perceived quality, prolonged exposure to noise Impacts health and comfort of staff and passengers.

Monitoring noise and vibration, lowering their spread without increasing vessel’s weight is a challenge we have overcome with our acoustic partner.

Contrôler les sources de bruits et de vibrations, atténuer leur propagation sans alourdir le bateau est un véritable challenge technique que nous relevons avec notre partenaire acousticien.

Le confort acoustique participe de la qualité perçue d’un bateau et l’exposition prolongée au bruit est une source de fatigue pour les personnels embarqués comme pour les passagers.



Intuitive, Ergonomic & Connected
Intuitif, Ergonomique et Connecté 

Simplify piloting and maintenance with a Marinelec touch screen as sole interface to all vessel functions

Afin de simplifier le pilotage et la maintenance nous avons développé avec notre partenaire Marinelec un écran tactile comme unique interface de tous les systèmes.

Locations: Le Havre, France  •  Dalian, Liaoning, China 


Photo of Q Yachts Q Yachts
q-yachts.com 358 40 5093813

Electric boat on the water with a sunsetMr. Janne Kjellman, the founder of Q-Yachts and a keen sailor, set out over a decade ago to develop a silent propulsion system for boats. The solution was found in new kind of electrical propulsion system—the Oceanvolt.

During the past decade the Oceanvolt has been refined into a state of the art system for sailboats. Now the time has come to launch a 100% electric motor yacht — the Q-Yacht.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Photo of SeaBubbles SeaBubbles

SeaBubbles designs and builds the latest generation craft with the motto “Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission” thanks to the combination of a hybrid hydrogen-electric propulsion system and retractable foils. The SeaBubble H2 offers a sustainable mobility alternative in waterways as well as marine zones and protected areas.

Photo of Vizianello Vizianello
vizianello.com +39) 041 5470412

The dedication and passion that we at Cantieri Vizianello put into play every day in the nautical world has allowed us to emerge worldwide.

Our daily challenge is to create a tailored product that combines Made in Italy artisan excellence with the best technology available.

Venice, Italy


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