De Antonio Yachts E23 chosen official electric boat of 2024 America’s Cup.

The 37th edition of the America’s Cup, which has already mandated hydrogen fuel cell chase boats, has now selected the De Antonio Yachts E23 the Official Electric Boat of the event as it embraces sustainability as a core value.

This new De Antonio model, a 100% battery electric boat, will be launched in Barcelona this Spring and  commercialized during 2024. The first units will be used to set the racecourse of the America’s Cup, which starts on 22nd August 2024. They will also assist the new autonomous electric racecourse marks throughout the competition.

Grant Dalton, CEO of the America’s Cup Event, believes this is an additional significant step in sustainability, continuing to reduce the fossil fuel carbon emissions of the event alongside the advancements with and introduction of the Hydrogen powered Chase Boats.

April 2022 – New hydrogen chase boat for America’s Cup

“Since the last America’s Cup, we have been acutely aware of doing what we can to replace fossil fuel guzzling vessels where possible. Obviously, we are not yet at a stage where they can be completely eliminated, but where we can eliminate or reduce, we will. This is why we have chosen to partner with De Antonio Yachts and their E23 as electric support vessels.”

De Antonia Yachts first electric boat

De Antonio was founded in 2012 by Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski and has collected a string of European Powerboat Awards and nominations for their boats’ performance and simple, avant-garde lines. In 2019 its model D46 Open won in the category of boats over 45 feet and in 2023 the D36 Open won for powerboats up to 14 meters.

This is the company’s first all electric boat, a catamaran with an integrated foil. The motor is not outrageously powerful, at 50 kW / 75hp, but the hydrofoil lifts the boat out of the water so there is almost zero water resistance and drag to overcome.

That enables the De Antonio E23 to achieve a top speed of  30+ knots (55 km/h  34 mph). With its battery storing 40 kiloWatt hours (kWh) of electricity, that gives a range of about 2 hours and 40 Nm at top speed. At a lower speed of 6 knots the range is 10 hours and 60 Nm. The battery can be charged in 1 hours 15 minutes with a fast charger and  in 12 hours with a standard system.

Top speed: 30+ knots, top autonomy: 10 hours

As a comparison, for the hydrogen-powered support boats in the America’s Cup – that must keep up with the racing yachts – the rules state they must be at least 10 metres long, start foiling at 24 knots and achieve a top speed of 50 knots and a 180-nautical-mile range. 

Because the De Antonio Yacht E23 has the much easier task of assisting with the laying out and monitoring of the autonomous course markers and will thus be very suited for recreational boating.

The company’s co-founders Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski,  said “As a Barcelona born company, it is an honour for us to be the Official Electric Boat of the 37th America’s Cup and to present this new model to the world at an event of this magnitude.”

“It is a privilege to be able to support the organization and contribute, with our boats, to the most sustainable edition in the event’s history. With the new launch of the E23, De Antonio Yachts intends to contribute to the revolution of a more sustainable yachting.”

De Antonio Yachts 23E

Length overall:  7.20 m
Beam:  2.30 m
Hull draft: (without engine) 0.40 m
Power:  50 kW/70 hp
Battery capacity:  40 kWh
Maximum speed:  30+ Knots
Range: 6 Knots 10 hours / 60 Nm 
Range: 20 Knots  2 hours / 40 Nm
Charging time: fast charger  1.25 hours
Charging time: standard charger 12 hours 
Construction: Infused GRP with vinylester resin.
Foil: 6061 casted alloy

De Antonio Yachts  37th America’s Cup

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