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Address Spain Phone: +34 93 763 74 63 Website: voltayachts.com


Volta Yachts electric boat dealerFounded in 2016, Volta is the first nautical company in Europe to specialize in hybrid, electric, and solar-powered boats. We are determined to make boating cleaner and more sustainable so that boat owners can live great moments on the water without damaging marine life.

When you purchase from us, you can be confident that you are buying the best vessel in its class. Our highly qualified team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of electric boating will provide you with all the information and specifications you may require about any boat in our range to help you make an expertly-informed decision.

Brands: Candela, La Bella Verde, Magonis, Marian, Naviwatt, Silennis, Soel Yachts, Sun Concept, Vision Marine Technologies, X Shore, ZEN Yachts

Barcelona, Spain

Axopar 25e Gussies Award Winner

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