Domani’s new electric boats get 100 NM on single charge

More new electric boats are making dramatic debuts at Boot Duesseldorf 2020, like Domani’s E32 chaseboats which can go for 100 nautical miles (185 kms) on a single charge, silently cruising along at a speed of 8 knots for up to 12 hours.

That should be plenty of time to let passengers, onlookers and technophiles alike admire its luxe furnishings, handsome lines and exceptional engineering.

Fittingly enough, BOOT Duesseldorf is where the idea for the E32 was hatched when Michael Goddaert and Jaap de Jonge first met at the 2018 show. Goddaert is the Founder of Domani and de Jong has a background in hydrodynamic engineering at the Dutch shipyard which helps design and construct everything from opulent superyachts to groundbreaking electric ferries.

Sketches of new electric boat designsJaap mentioned to Michael that he was busy designing the ideal hull for a motorboat with electrical propulsion. There was a spark between the two men, so to speak, because Michael had been working with the newest infusion techniques for the hull of his soon-to-be-award winning S30 sailboat and was thinking that the stiffness and lightweight would be perfect for an ultra efficient e-boat.

And so to work. Jaap designed a completely new type of hull, ideally built to exploit the Domani sandwich construction methods and let electric motors reach and show off their full capabilities.

After two years of sketches, testing, refinement and finally construction, the E32 is ready to greet the world in the same place where it was first imagined. If you are at BOOT Düsseldorf, you’ll find Domani in Hall 17, Stand A19.

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These new electric boats use high efficiency axial flux motors

On the technical side of things, the E32 has an axial flux motor at its heart. Some people refer to these as ‘pancake’ motors, because the rotor (rotating part of the motor) is a thick plate, or disc, rather than a cylinder as in a radial flux motor.

The ‘flux’ refers to the magnetic fields in the motors. It’s complicated, but suffice to say that pancake motors have a solid track record in EV cars and aviation,  and Domani says the model  they have chosen has one of the highest power densities in the industry. 

'dashboard' of the electric boat with computer screen readouts

The motor is rated at 50kW continuous power  and there are three battery capacities available (all lithium): 37.5kW,  56kW and 75kW Lithium. It is with the largest battery that the E32 achieves a range of 100 NM (185 km). The boat can also reach speeds of 15 kts / 28 kmh, but then the range is obviously reduced – to about 35NM and 2.5 hours. 

All of the workings of the system can be monitored through an HMI screen that shows all engine and battery parameters through digital charting and is also used for controlling digital switching, light dimming, controlling hatches, etc.

Four dramatic, head turning models for the owner to personalize

The E32 is not just about technology though, there is also considerable art in its design – both outside and in.

Each E32 is made to the purchaser’s specifications as they work closely with the designers to select paints, colors, fabrics and even lighting. There are three core designs to build from: the E32 Chaseboat (shown here with and without the bimini top), the E32 Lounge with sun-panelled roof and the fully enclosed Gran Tourismo.

Artists impression of four electric boats: open, bimini top, semi top and fully enclosed

Electric boats for today…and tomorrow

Domani means ‘tomorrow’ in Italian, and Michael Goddaert says it is the company’s reminder every day to work to do better than yesterday. We would also say it is a fitting word for the Domani E32. With the hull design and construction, axial flux electric drive, digital monitoring and stunning looks,  these are boats that can belong to the generation for whom sustainability and durability are becoming more important every day – and every tomorrow.

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