e-Regatta 2022 results and report from Venice Boat Show

The results are in from e-Regatta 2022 which by all accounts was a great success, with swelling interest from competitors, the boating industry, public and government officials pointing to an even bigger and better gathering for 2023.

This second edition of the e-Regatta was again organized by the Assonautica di Venezia (Nautical Association of Venice), Associazione Motonautica Venezia (Venice Motorboating Association), VeniceAgenda2028Venti di Cultura (Winds of Culture tourism society of Venice) and Triumph Group International with the collaboration of the Venice Convention Bureau Vela and the Italian Motorboat Association FIM. And, of course, thanks must go also to the host Venice Boat Show.

e-Regatta 2022 began last Wednesday, June 1, with the SAILence parade through the city’s Grand Canal. A total of 41 boats were on display and cheered on by the city’s residents and visitors: the e-Regatta competitors, some City of Venice electric and hybrid workboats and others being shown in the general Salone Nautico Venezia.

GALLERY: e-Regatta 2022 and Electric Boats at Venice

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e-Regatta 2022 Results

Two e-Regatta events – the Slalom and e-Ballerina – took place at the Darsenale Grande (Large Dock) of the historic Arsenale complex with the new GT-Electra race happening at the Idroscalo waters near the main entrance to the city, site of a former seaplane airport.

e-Regatta 2022 Slalom

The Slalom is a ‘there and back’ timed race where competitors go for the fastest time while also navigating the slalom gates.


  1. Seal by Vita Yachts
  2. e’dyn 1120 by e-dyn
  3. Tornado by Toffolo-Torqueedo
  4. Futura by AS Labruna
  5. Dogado by FAP Cantiere Nautico and Gardasolar
  6. TimeSquare20 by Frauscher and Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli
  7. Bell-E by Transfluid
  8. Futuro by Cantiere Chia-Mitek

e-Regatta 2022 e-Ballerina

The e-Ballerina is a poetic twist on a slalom type event. In e-Ballerina the pilots are required to navigate a course that involves moving forward and in reverse as the boats turn and ‘spin’ around various floats and markers. Much like figure skating or gymnastics, entrants are judged on technical proficiency, artistry and grace.


  1. TIE:   e’dyn 1120 and Tornado by Toffolo-Torqueedo
  2. TimeSquare20 by Frauscher and Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli
  3. Futura by AS Labruna
  4. Seal by Vita Yachts
  5. Futuro by Cantiere Chia-Mitek
  6. Bell-E by Transfluid
  7. Dogado by FAP Cantiere Nautico and Gardasolar

e-Regatta 2022 GT-Electra

The GT-Electra is a new race for this year’s e-Regatta and it looks not only to be a continuing event in Venice, but also ready to be taken up in other regions.

The event is the brainchild of Giampolo Montavoci, President of Venice Motorboating Association (Associazione Motonautica Venezia) and a speedboating champion who has notched up a dozen major victories over the years and is also an Olympic Committee gold medalist.

He envisioned a race of small electrically powered monohulls able to race at speeds of about 50 km/h – 25 knots. Franco Moro of Italy’s Huracan motors (who are big in both electric boats and electric motorcycle racing) joined in to work on the project and the result is a sleek boat with a 15kW motor and battery that weigh under 200kg (400 lbs) all in. Four boats were produced for e-Regatta 2022.

The hull, race and format are perfect for young people, and the three heats and finals at the Idrascalo made for an exciting and highly entertaining program filled with friendly but spirited competition. The teen winners were:

  1. Michela Tiozzo
  2. Nicolo Darai
  3. Nicolo Cosma

The races were such a success that it elicited numerous inquiries from other regions, with plans now being made for GT-Electra races in Serbia. We will keep you up-to-date.

Grand Champion

The Grand Champion of the e-Regatta was last year’s winner, e’dyn 1120. Congratulations to everyone on the e-dyn team and hats off to all e-Regatta organizers, participants and spectators.

Results of the e-Regatta Conference

The e-Regatta ended with the conference “Towards the ecological transition”, an exploration of the advantages and challenges in transitioning from dependence on fossil fuels for propulsion.

Speakers included Marino Masiero, President of the Assonautica of Venice and representatives from various e-Regatta participants: Massimo Labruna of AS Labruna; Gianluigi Taroni  of Transfluid; Paola Matteri of Matteri Shipyard; Alberto Toffolo of Toffolo Officine; and Francesco Pannoli, founding partner of e-dyn and also of the electric charging company e-concept.

Kevin Desmond, Founder of VeniceAgenda2028, and one of the creators of the e-Regatta, sent us this short summary of the progress Venice is making in its efforts to electrify the boat traffic of Venice.

Progress with the two main waterbus fleets – Alilaguna and ACTV is slow, steady and hybrid. Alilaguna now has twelve large watertaxis – three of which participated in the SAILence – in operation. The city’s waste management service, Veritas, is testing six hybrid workboats before transitioning the remainder of its 70 boat fleet and the Police force’s satisfaction with its first two hybrid vessels has led to a further twelve currently under construction.

Only three watertaxis to the airport are hybrid, and this may be one of the biggest challenges for new technology. The current diesel boats shuttle their passengers at speeds of 50 km/h, and more importantly, operate for as long as 9 hours without having to refuel.

Water-truck companies have similar workloads, and one of the most promising solutions to address these usages cases are plans by e-concept and Aqua superPower to dramatically increase the number of marine fast charging points throughout the canals.

During the Conference, the Venice Region in the north of Italy and Puglia in the southern heel announced a collaboration in the hydrogenization and electrification of their ports, based on the Amsterdam and Oslo models.

Finally, Assonautica Venezia, under the dynamic leadership of Marino Masiero, has challenged the City to collaborate in the setting up of a working group to lay out the administrative principles for e-boat acceptance, including hydrogen.

The VeniceAgenda2028 petition (you can sign it here) is pushing for the conversion of all fossil fuel vessels in the canals of Venice within the next six years. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro appears to be on side, recently declaring La Serenissima to be ‘the oldest city of the future’ and ‘The World Centre of Sustainability’. Time will tell.

e-Regatta 2022 Entered Boats

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Bell-E by Transfluid

Electric  •  5.8m / 19 ft  •  PILOT: Alessandro Pavesi

Transfluid has developed its sustainable propulsion systems for about 10 years, offering a wide range of products ranging from 2kw to 260kW for electric motors and up to 2000hp for hybrid systems, applicable to new or old boats.
Bell-E measures 5.8 meters, reaches a maximum speed of about 11 kph and a range of one hour.

Blitz Exclusive by Lanéva

Electric  •  7.9m / 26 ft  •  PILOTS: François Richard / Luciano Voltolina

From Monaco, the Lanéva sports two ultra-compact, high-performance axial flux engines tested in aviation with a hull specially developed for electric motors. With a top speed of 25 knots and 8 hours of autonomy at cruising speeds, she is uniquely designed for silent and luxurious delight.

Dogado by FAP Cantiere Nautico and Gardasolar

Electric  •  6.2m / 20 ft  •  PILOT: Alex Pesce

Designed by Roberto Roscioni to be stable and pleasant to navigate, Dogado can accommodate up to 6 people. With a large sundeck at the stern and comfortable horseshoe sofa with an area for a table at the bow, she is made for entertaining and enjoying friends.

e’dyn 1120 by e’dyn

Electric  •  5.2m / 17 ft  •  PILOT: Francesco Pannoli


e’dyn VTS 5.7 by e’dyn

Electric  •  5.7m / 18.7 ft  •  PILOT: Igor Pecnik

The goal of e’dyn (short for Electric Dynamic Nautics) is to create smart electric mobility solutions for people who love the water. Their propulsion systems come in different styles  and powers to be used on a variety of vessels on lakes, rivers and seas. Its competences include a high degree of innovative strength, speed, global manufacturing competence, decades of experience in drive systems and professional sales and service knowhow.

Futura by AS Labruna

Hydrogen and Electric  •  4.2 m / 13.8 ft  •  PILOTS: Farzad Jamali and Alvise Beltrame

Futura was built in 1968 and restored in 2022 by the historic shipwright Vito Saponaro in Monopoli. The boat is powered by 2 6kW motors and hydrogen fuel cells from Labruna’s E-Vision ‘Earth Safe Inspired’ division to demonstrate how the challenge of range for electric boats can be addressed using fuel cell technology.

Futuro by Cantiere Chia with Mitek motor

Electric  •  4.90 m / 16 ft  •  PILOTS: Thomas Chia, Erika Chia

A small zero-emission wooden boat with propulsion by Mitek. Built by Thomas and Kevin of Venice’s Chia shipyard, specialists in the craft of woodenboat construction and restoration since 1956.

Pa’ Prima by Yacht Club Eriolario

Electric  •  4.2m / 13.7 ft  •  PILOT: Erio Matteri

Pa ‘Prima is a wood tender built in 1995 by the Erio Matteri Shipyard, created with and for electric motorization 27 years ago. She has been exhibited numerous times in Monaco, in Paris at the Retromobile fair and in Germany on Lake Chiemsee, arousing much interest in the public. This model remained property of the Matteri family and is used as a prototype for the construction of other hulls of the same line.

 by VITA Yachts

Electric  •  7.2m / 23.6 ft  •  PILOT: Michele Genovese

Vita is a marine technology company that develops all-electric powertrains and a range of high-performance electric boats. Vita’s mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment by replacing traditional combustion engines with electric propulsion. The 7 meter SEAL is designed to be an everyday, utilitarian boat for both commercial and recreational use with a 90 minute DC charge time, a cruising speed of 20 knots and a top speed of over 30 knots.

TimeSquare20 by Frauscher and Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Electric •  8.5 m / PILOT: Mauro Feltrinelli, RESERVE: Adriano Tonoli

The TimesSquare 20 from Austria’s Frauscher shipyard, represented here by local firm Feltrinelli, is an all-electric catamaran with Torqeedo motors built for leisurely afternoons to the highest standards of one of the world’s electric boat pioneers and “engineers of emotions” since 1927.

Tornado by Toffolo Officine and Torqeedo

Electric  •  6m / 19.7 ft  8  PILOT: Alberto Toffolo

Founded in 1910, Toffolo Officine is now in the hands of the fifth generation of the Toffilo family, who exemplify an inherited passion for excellence and love of the sea. The company was recently appointed an official Dealer & Services partner for Torqeedo. The 6-metre Tornado is powered by a Deep Blue 50 R outboard and a 40 kWh Deep Blue battery.

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