Electric boating pioneers Evoy and VITA join forces to accelerate high power electric propulsion

Two of electric boating’s pioneers, both leaders in high power electric propulsion, have merged to accelerate the adoption of high power electric propulsion.

The combination of Vita’s experience integrating high-performance electric propulsion into a diverse portfolio of vessels with Evoy’s best-in-class, plug-and-play, powertrain technology and scalable production platform will allow the new group to leverage fourteen years of combined experience.

Evoy, based in Norway, and Vita, based in the UK and Italy, were both founded in 2017 and were among the first in the world to concentrate their efforts on the possibilities of how electricity can revolutionize the boating world not just in small recreational inland water boats, but also the coastal and ocean going vessels used for recreation and commercial use like aquaculture and harbour work.

an electric yacht painte din the colours of the Monaco flag
VITA Lion first appeared at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

The announcement was made at the 11th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, a competition where university teams compete with electric boat prototypes and where VITA was the first to participate with a boat for the consumer market in the 6th edition of the event. The company has extended that initial effort into both building boats and integrating high-performance electric propulsion into other boats and vessels.

While Vita was launching its first model in Monaco in 2019, Evoy was hard at work in Norway, developing high power electric propulsion for the large aquaculture (fish farming) market in the country.

cowl of 150hp electric outboard motor by Evoy
Evoy’s first 150 kW (200 hp) electric outboard

In a News Release, the companies said

The announcement reflects a new era of growth in the electric marine market, with both companies experiencing increasing demand from operators and boatbuilders alike. Evoy’s high-output inboard and outboard systems are currently in operation in 19 countries, supported by an established dealership network and strong use cases in commercial segments such as aquaculture and tourism. This new diverse portfolio of vessels from commercial RIBs to superyacht tenders with Evoy’s best-in-class, plug-and-play, powertrain technology and scalable production platform will allow the new group to leverage fourteen years of combined experience.

“Important milestone in marine decarbonization”

The new group will benefit from a financing round led by existing Vita shareholders and supported by Evoy investors including Axopar.

Vita Founder and Lead Investor, Stewart Wilkinson, said at the announcement, “Our conversation started last year at the Yacht Club in Monaco, and it’s great to be announcing this deal here. Our mission to decarbonize the marine industry aligns strongly with Monaco’s commitments to ocean preservation. I am excited to bring Vita and Evoy together to continue building the leading force in marine electric powertrain technology.”

Founder and CEO of Evoy, Leif Stavøstrand, said, “Today’s announcement is the most important milestone so far in the voyage towards marine decarbonization. The combined technology and teams will represent a global leader in the marine electrification, accelerating the transition to zero-emission propulsion. We are excited that two great companies are joining forces, and I am honoured to play a part in it.”

The announcement comes at a time when inquiries and demand for high power electric propulsion is increasing, but there are infrastructure pieces that are needed to accelerate adoption.

Working together to expand high speed charging

A physics challenge that both companies have faced is the task of charging high powered electric models in a timely way. Their motors can be as powerful as 400 kiloWatts (about 550 hp) and require high voltages. The only practical way to recharge them quickly is with a Direct Current (DC) charger.

Vita’s sister company, Aqua superPower, was the first to develop high speed DC charging terminals specifically for the marine market. Their units can  supercharge large batteries from 10%-80% in under an hour. Because Evoy also needed those capabilities the companies have been coordinating and cooperating on a number of projects over the past few years.

Aqua superPower leading UK Vessel To Grid program

High speed chargers were initially installed by Aqua along the Mediterranean while in Norway Evoy was working with local governments and utilities on terminals in the Port of Florø. High speed networks have now expanded throughout Europe, the UK, and North America.

The other area where the companies have worked together is on V2G – Vessel To Grid – two way charging where the boat’s battery can feed electricity back to the onshore grid when required by the local marina, utility or in fact any on shore electricity consumer.

Aqua has been instrumental in leading a number of V2G projects in the UK, Evoy has been working on similar projects in Halifax, Canada, and in June the UK and Canadian governments agreed on a project that will have both countries and both companies working on another project.

UK, Canada, cooperate on V2G charging/ storage

Since the early pioneering days, each company has expanded their range. Vita brand vessels now include the Seal and SeaDog RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) designed largely for use as workboats in marinas and harbours. They also recently worked with Maserati designers to create the stunning Tridente electric that bears the unmistakable stamp of the legendary auto maker.

Evoy’s range of models now includes electric outboard and inboard motors that range from 90 kW (≈120 hp) to 300 kw (≈410 hp). They are being installed on both commercial and leisure boats. In last year’s international Gussies Electric Boat Awards the winning entries in both the Under 8m / 26 ft category (Axopar 25e) and Electric Workboat category (Tideman RBB 700 OB) were powered by Evoy motors.

The companies say they are considerably stronger together, well positioned to deliver market-leading products by building on the shared belief that high-output systems with DC-charging capability present the most robust solutions for the widest range of marine applications.

One of the anticipations is that many opportunities will open in the OEM market for the new group to work with the major boat brands in offering electric options to their clients. There are sure to be a number of announcements in the coming weeks and months.

Main article photo: L-R: Evoy’s Leif Stavøstrand, Bertrand d’Alessandri. General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco, Vita’s Stewart Wilkinson

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