Electric hydrofoiling yacht with twin Tesla motors

This 33ft / 10.5m concept yacht from futuristic designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has it all: carbon fibre body, hydrofoils and the option to go all-electric with twin Tesla 285kW / 382hp engines.

A man driving a boat with bubble windows that looks like a floating capsule about 15', 5m longThe F33 Spaziale is somewhat based on the Royal Jet Capsule the designer introduced in 2013, with a mini Jet Capsule available since  2018.

There is a ‘teardrop’ version for leaisurely cruising while the hydrofoiling version is obviously for people with a need for speed. The F33 can be completely customized, inside and out. The Lazzarini site has a gallery of options to view.

The specifications say that the boat can reach speeds of 55 knots, but it is not clear if that is using the Teslas or the Yanmar diesels available.

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There is also an option for propulsion by Hamilton jet drives. Hamilton is the same company working to convert jet propelled boats from V8s to electric for use on New Zealand’s famous Shotover Jet river canyon adventure ride.

A couple lie on the upper roof sundeck of the Tesla powered F33 SpezialeSundecks, a guest cabin – the interior of the F33 will be furnished however the purchaser desires, which would seem only reasonable for a boat that starts at €550,000 (US$ 610,000) and could costs as much as one and a half million Euros (1.6M US) for a fully tricked out twin Tesla model.

Construction is estimated to take about 9 months. To place your order, just click here for the ‘Contact’ page of the Lazzarini website.

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