Exhibitors and Events at Electric Boat Show Milan 2023

The second Electric Boat Show is taking place at the Idroscalo in Milan this weekend and has a wide range of electric boat exhibitors and full lineup of  speakers and panels.

The Idroscalo is an artificial lake in Milan, Italy originally constructed during the 1930s heyday of seaplanes as a seaplane airport. When seaplanes as a mode of passenger transport fell out of favour,  it became a recreational and sport facility, now run by the City of Milan.

Conferences, Presentations, Panels

You can find more information on the »» Conference page of the Electric Boat Show website.

Conference: Discovering Sustainability and Innovation with Politecnico Milano

Politechnico Milano (Polimi), was the silver award winner in the 2022 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge and will also be competing in this year’s event. They are convening this conference looking at a wide spectrum of innovations in electric and hydrogen propulsion and boating. Faculty members and students will be joined by representatives from the Yacht Club de Monaco  and Swiss Solar Boat, designer and manufacturer of the Gussies Award Winning Aquon One.

The beginning of our dream – Prof. Riccardo Mereu
The story of Ione – Gabriele Defendini of Team Physis
Hydrogen on the boat, how and why – Team Physis (Energy department) and Dr. Francesco Battistella
Custom and counter-rotating propellers – Prof. Chiara Colombo together with the Physis Team (Powertrain department)
From autonomous driving to industry 4.0 – Team Physis (department of D&C) and Roberto Lucchini of Sitemar
How to build an eco-sustainable boat – Enrico Benco of GS4C together with Team Physis (structures department)
Sustainable Yachting in Montecarlo – Yacht Club Montecarlo
The potential of Hydrogen in Future Mobility – Swiss Solar Boat

Round table: Netherlands-Italy Bilateral Meeting on Electric Mobility on Water

Moderator: Davide Baldereschi, General Manager Vetus Maxwell Italy

Marcel Borsboom, CEO Vetus Group
Jeroen van den Heuvel, Member of the Board of Directors of HISWA
Piero Formenti, Vice President of Confindustria Nautica
Angelo Ciocca, Member of European Parliament (Italy)

Conference: Eco-sustainable propulsion systems

Moderator: Dr. Lorenzo Cremonesi, Corriere della Sera journalist

Ing. Ugo Pavesi – President of Transfluid and expert in Hybrid and Electric technologies
Luigi Bianchi – Director of Bellmarine/Transfluid Holland
Carlo Dal Bianco – Director of Transfluid France
Mike Noerman – Nautisch Toezicht en Handhaving
Pierre-Yves Glehen – Chantier Naval GLEHEN
Danny Pol – ALUMAX
Ivan Polonijo – SCAM MARINE
Adriana Navarro – AN Trading and Consulting
Gianluca Tempesta – TEMPESTA TENDER
Luca Trincia – Lower Garda Voluntary Civil Protection
Bruno Henriques – MACAN BOATS
Ten. Valter Crugliano – Commander of the Venice Carabinieri Unit
Lorenzo Cremonesi – war correspondent of Corriere della Sera

Conference: Recharging and electric navigation

Moderator: Gian Basilio Nieddu, journalist for Vaielettrico

Michele Bolpagni, Country Manager Italy Aqua Superpower
William Gobbo, CEO Sealence
Massimo Labruna, CEO AS Labruna
Alberto Scagliola, Network Development Enel X Way

DeepSpeed – Fast and Elegant

This presentation from Sealence/DeepSpeed shows off the speed and range capabilities of the DeepSpeed electric hydrojet motor fitted into the classic hull design of the SeaLab III boat. This boat was also shown at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in 2022 as well as the  Salon Nautic Milano. The demo takes place each day: Friday at 2:00 PM, Saturday at 5:00PM and Sunday at 12:30 PM.

Selected Exhibitors at the Electric Boat Show


Electric boat by GardasolarGardaSolar is the first Italian electric boat builder of the modern era, founded in 2009 by Alessio Zanolli and Alberto Pozzo, an aerospace engineer fascinated by electric and sustainable navigation. Their first boat was the GoGo, an electric adaptation of a pedal boat, but they have recently developed larger cruising models, displayed at Boot Düsseldorf 2023 and here in Milan. Their full range includes the GoGo, the ‘Luxury’, shown here, and the ‘Classic’ a sloop design. They have also designed a 35 passenger water taxi/ferry, the e-Bus.

Opera Prima Mare

Opera Prime Mare is an Italian manufacturer that specializes in aluminum hull hybrid boats. They offer two 37 foot models – open and hardtop – and one 47 foot model. Their hybrid drive combines two 20kW / 48v  electric motors with a  diesel engine to drive one propeller shaft. Like many hybrids, it gives owners the ability to quickly get from one place to another using the diesel power, then switch to all-electric in protected waters or harbours. The boats are capable of reaching 8knots in full electric mode and 30knots when burning fossil fuel.

Rentals: Eboats and Go

Eboats and Go is an interesting service designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to invest in electric boat rental services. There are many boat owners and enthusiasts who see opportunities in the e-boat rental market, as well as companies in the tourism industry who want to expand their offerings. The details of boat rentals – and especially electric boat rentals – can be daunting for some, so Eboats and Go offers packages of boats and accompanying marketing services and management software to make it easier turn a profit.

RAD Propulsion

The RAD 40– with 40 kW of continuous power –  is an innovative electric outboard designed for use in RIBs and powerboats. The most immediately striking feature is the compact design, in which the motor remains behind the transom when tilted and doesn’t intrude onto the vessel’s deck space. Looking closer, you can see that steering is accomplished not by turning the entire motor assembly, but only the lower unit which rotates a full 180°. The outboard has fully integrated drive-by-wire throttle and 400 Volt architecture that has been designed to be compatible with fast charging stations.


VETUS electric boat motors

Boat systems specialist VETUS was one of the first large companies to offer electric motors 20 years ago and has now revived some older models and introduced some new ones as electric boating is starting to surge. In addition to CEO Marcel Borsboom and Italy General Manager Davide Baldereschi speaking in the conferences, VETUS will be exhibiting their E-Line which offers environmentally friendly cruising with exceptional manoeuvring and control with the company’s Active Electronic Braking. There are six models, with an output range from 4 kW to 10 kW, suitable for both re-power projects and new builds. They will also be showing the 48V E-POD100 (10kW) package, designed for installation in the stern of a boat.

X Shore

X Shore will be showing off their X Shore 1 model launched in late 2022. The X Shore 1 was designed from the outset to take full advantage of the company’s new production facilities, which bring the efficiencies of auto manufacturing plants to electric boats. This makes the X Shore 1 an affordable option for many potential e-boat buyers. It also brings more of the production processes in-house, where the company can be in full control of their mission to build boats that are environmentally friendly in every regard.

Water Toys and e-Foiling Boards

It may be called the Electric Boat Show, but there will also be electric water toys on display in a category that is starting to grow as quickly as e-bikes for land transportation. The flite e-foiler boasts speeds of up to 30 mph and foiling time and distance of up to 2.5 hours and 25 miles. The Seabob electric diving scooter comes in 3 models with propulsive force of 480 to 745 newtons. The largest and most powerful model, the F5SR, has a top speed of 22km/h and can dive to 40 metres.

Directory of Electric Boat Exhibitors at Milan Electric Boat Show

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Photo of AS Labruna AS Labruna
aslabruna.it +39 080 77 71 35

Marine engines that are 100% electric embody innovative electric propulsion systems that ensure speed, performance and reliability for a greener mobility respectful of the environment. They are available in a variety of models and powers and can be installed on a range of different vessels sailing on lakes, rivers or seas.

Monopoli (BA), Italy

Photo of awake awake
awakeboards.com +46 (0) 877 77 270

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision. Awake’s electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience.

Photo of DeepSpeed DeepSpeed

DeepSpeed electric boat motors and accessoriesDeepSpeed electric jets take advantage of the ongoing technologies that are at the peak of innovation.

Thanks to the innovations and to the patented technology, the efficiency of our jets and the overall performance are unmatched.

There is no other propulsion system for naval use on the market, capable of being equally efficient, guaranteeing speed, performance and sustainability.

DeepSpeed, with unique propulsion and absolute silence, will project you into a new dimension that cannot be told, only experienced.

Buccinasco MI, Italy

Photo of e’dyn by Podkrižnik e’dyn by Podkrižnik

+386 3 839 15 30

Photo of E4Boat E4Boat
Photo of EBoats and Go EBoats and Go
Photo of flite flite
fliteboard.com +61 1300 003 5483

The Fliteboard™ eFoil gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

Photo of GardaSolar GardaSolar
gardasolar.com +39 0464 350 644

Garda Solar boat with bubble type lookELECTRIC BOATS AND SOLAR POWERED BOATS

GOGO is a new-generation solar-electric and solar powered boat, with an appealing look and high-tech solutions inside. The craft can comfortably transport 4 people, and is steered by a joystick for extremely simple and pleasant navigation.

GOGO attracts: hire centres, welcome centres, hotels and holiday villages, restaurants, theme parks, lakes and natural reserves, holiday towns and resorts, private citizens.

Location: Rovereto, Italy

Photo of Opera Prime Mare Opera Prime Mare
operaprimamare.it +39 02 84341334
Photo of RAD Propulsion RAD Propulsion
radpropulsion.com 023 8212 9530


At RAD Propulsion we build the marine products of the future. Our mission is to deliver:

Exceptional user experience
State of the art product design, engineering, and technology
Sustainable products
Brand trust and first-rate customer care

CLEAN: 100% electric and ready for use wherever and whenever you need.
QUIET: Immerse yourself in the environment around you without the noise of traditional combustion engines.
The most durable products on the marine electric propulsion marketplace. Compact, lightweight but mighty.
Fully connected products with accurate real time intelligent feedback.

Location: Hampshire, UK

Photo of Vetus Vetus
vetus.com +31(0)884 884 700

Peace and quiet on the water with only the sound of the waves. With the new E-LINE from VETUS you can enjoy nature at its best.  Think of the noise level of a sailing boat with the manoeuvrability of a motorboat.

The E-LINE from VETUS is compact, complete, highly efficient, plug & play and suitable for both new builds and re-powering. The E-LINE drive works with the V-CAN bus system and meets all current and future emission requirements.


Photo of X Shore X Shore

Electric boat with logo of German Design Awards in the corner of photo
Travel up to 100 nautical miles on a single charge.
X Shore crafts are capable of traveling at speeds of 40 knots.
Minimum footprint on the planet & your wallet.
Uses a groundbreaking propulsion system. Details coming soon.

Location: Sweden

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