Hybrid electric boats pioneer Greenline Yachts adds 5 new dealers in Europe, Asia, Oceania

Greenline Yachts, who first started building hybrid electric boats in 2008 and now have 8 models – all of which are available with full electric drive – have announced 5 new international dealers to help meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible large yachts.

The dealers are in key territories including Europe, Asia and Oceania:

  • Malta: AC Marine in Malta
  • The Netherlands: Yacht Partners
  • Germany North-West: Baltic Boat Center
  • New Zealand: EYachts
  • Vietnam: James Boat Club

New models of mid to large hybrid electric boats

This is the first big announcement for the company since a management structure change in January when major shareholder Vladimir Zinchenko and his partners at the SVP Group, owner of Greenline Yachts, revealed an ambitious business plan for the next five to eight years.

The plan includes new model launches in the mid-to-large size range and investment in both new and existing production facilities. New CEO Matjaž Grm, formerly with Adria, Europe’s premier caravan/motorhome brand, will lead the business expansion,

Hybrid electric boats from Greenline - 8 models - on the water in a line
Current line of Greenline Models, from 39 to 68 feet

Zinchenko, who takes over a role on the advisory board and will focus on the new shipyard development , said “With the demand for larger yachts, it is time to also have access to the water.” (Editor’s Note: Greenline headquarters is based in the Slovenian Alps village of Begunje na Gorenjskem) “We have been looking for a coastal location site to build a further production facility.”

Electric hybrid boat pioneer started in 2008

Greenline is one of the pioneers of hybrid electric boats and boating. Their signature hull design is called a ‘superdisplacement’ hull and incorporates the best low-drag properties of a sleek sailing boat with elements of a wider displacement hull for smooth and stable cruising.

Greenline launches world’s 1st all-electric charter fleet in Norway

This gives the yachts the best options for taking advantage of electric propulsion at slower speeds and diesel propulsion when speed is desired. Their first boat was the Greenline 33 which went on to become the top selling 10 metre boat in the world.

At that time the challenges for electric motors in large boats were significant. Greenline’s mission, though, is “to constantly push the boundaries of what is technologically possible in order to make responsible boating attractive, easy and affordable for our customers.”

Electric hybrid boat with solar panels on roof

With real life learning, research, development and innovation each year – along with advances in motors, batteries and solar panels – they expanded the range and size of hybrid boats and first started to offer all-electric propulsion for the Greenline 33 and Greenline 39.

Now, every boat in the entire line,  from the 33 to the 68 OceanClass, is available with hybrid ‘HDrive’ or all-electric ‘EDrive’.  The company is Slovenia’s largest yachting manufacturer and employs more than 250 people.

Encourage more responsible boating

Speaking of the new dealer expansion, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Luca Raumland says: “These are all great matches for the Greenline brand. We are thrilled to expand our network with established dealers and together we can encourage more responsible boating and enable more boaters to embrace innovative hybrid and alternative propulsion technology.”

The dealers are:

Eyachts: New Zealand
Eyachts has been Greenline’s exclusive dealer in Australia for almost ten years and will now manage Greenline Yachts in New Zealand. Run by one of the giants of the yachting industry in Australia and New Zealand, managing director Peter Hrones, Eyachts is expert in bringing cutting edge boat designs to the Australasian market and setting trends down under.

James Boat Club: Vietnam
The James Boat Club is opening a new marina committed to sustainable boating with only hybrid and pure electric yachts on order for 2023 and 2024. James Boat Club will be the fourth Greenline Yachts’ distributor in Asia and the partnership will help the brand significantly expand its sales reach in one of the world’s largest markets.

AC Marine: Malta
AC Marine is the official representative for Greenline Yachts in the region after delivering the first Greenline 68 OC to Malta. A family-run business established in 1992 and operated by Anthony Camilleri and his son James, AC Marine has an unrivalled reputation and provides dedicated and experienced support. 

Yacht Partners: The Netherlands
Yacht Partners Greece was launched during the pandemic and managed the delivery of various Greenlines including a 68 OC available for charter in Lefkas. They are opening new offices in the Netherlands this year.

Baltic Boat Center: Germany
 Greenline is expanding its German network with Baltic Boat Center (BBC) managing the northwest region of the country. BBC has offices in Osnarbrück and Marina Ancora in Neustadt. BBC owner Frederic Frey will work closely with Greenline’s northeastern distributor Allert Marine and Boote Weidenauer for south Germany.

Greenline Yachts Eyachts AC Marine Yacht Partners


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