Highlights of the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2023

The Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe (E&HME) is on in Amsterdam this week, running from June 20 – 23. The show is produced and presented by UKi Media & Events, which was founded in 1991 as a specialized event and publications company that now organizes 17 exhibitions and 12 conferences in Europe, China, India, Korea and North America. (images above are from the E&HME website)

The E&HME has one event in Europe and another in the spring in the USA. The Europe version on now has over 200 exhibitors who manufacture/ design or sell everything from electric and hybrid marine transportation and propulsion technologies (including hydrogen technologies) to shore-charging equipment and fuel-saving solutions. There is something for every boat size, but there is definitely a lean towards large commercial vessels, workboats, ferries and ships.

Molabo and Hydro Impulse win 2023 E&HM Awards

There is also an accompanying conference with over 100 speakers, and the Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards, now in their eighth year, which recognize world-class engineering, cutting-edge innovations, and exceptional products in the electric and hybrid marine industry.

In the category ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year – Propulsion System Design’, Hydro Impulse Systems won for its revolutionary impeller (rather than propeller) system which increases the efficiency of transmitting the power from the boat’s motor to the task of moving the boat through the water. 

The Molabo 48V electric plug-and-play drive system won in the New Propulsion Technology of the Year category and was cited for its “safety, ease of installation and the role of plug-and-play solutions in reducing system costs.”

Selected Products Showcased at E&MHE Europe 2023

It would be impossible, of course, to cover everything at the Expo – so here are a few selected products that we hope will appeal to Plugboats readers. At the end of the article there is also a Directory Grid of other electric boat and boating suppliers who are exhibiting at the Expo. You can click on any of the logos to get more information or visit the website of the company.

Deep Blue Battery 80

Torqeedo is presenting the Deep Blue Battery 80, a new option for its Deep Blue series of higher powered electric drives that has 80kWh of energy storage capacity – twice as much as the previous generation of Deep Blue batteries.

“The new Deep Blue Battery 80 doubles the range and runtime for Deep Blue systems,” said Fabian Bez, Torqeedo’s CEO. “It marks one important step in our new strategy to make Torqeedo even more customer-centric by providing optimized products for specific market segments.”

Usually, individual battery cells are assembled together into modules which are then further assembled into battery packs. The Deep Bleu 80 uses an advanced cell-to-pack architecture and assembly approach in which the individual battery cells are directly integrated into a pack without the need for intermediate modules or components.

Battery questions? Read the Plugboats Guide to Electric Boat Batteries

This provides a high volumetric energy density (278Wh/L)  that stores more energy in a smaller space and enables a more compact footprint that is easier to install in many boats. It is particularly important for larger, heavier displacement vessels like cruising yachts and commercial vessels. The new Deep Blue Battery 80 is backed by a 10-year capacity warranty for recreational and commercial use. Booth 7010

2035 electric outboard and 2035i inboard

Slovenian electric motor company e’dyn is fresh off their second consecutive victory at the e-Regatta of the Venice Boat Show and is showing two new motors at the EHME2023.

The e’dyn 2035 outboard model has up to 25kW of power and is an upgrade of its successful predecessor, the 1120, which developed up to 11kW of power and was widely accepted across markets and noted for its distinctive design.

The 2035i is the inboard version, again with up to 25kW and meant for installation in speedboats up to 6m in length. Aside from these new models, e’dyn has a full range of electric outboards and inboards with a power range from 2 kW to 1,500kW. Booth: 5027

50kW/48V Aries inboard
2023 E&HME Award Winner: New Propulsion Technology of the Year 

Award-winning Molabo is well known for developing the ISCAD technology that provides 50kW of power using only 48 volts – a voltage that does not require any special equipment or training to be handled safely. In Amsterdam they are showcasing their Aries 50 electric inboard drive, which weighs only 44kg and is ideally suited for powerboats up to 12m and sailboats up to 15m or 12 tons.

The electric inboard is offered as a system solution with lithium battery banks in three capacity sizes: 36kWh, 48kWh and 60kWh. For charging, either one charger or three 3,000W chargers connected in parallel can be ordered.

Molabo 48V inboard makes catamaran debut on ‘Earthling’ 

The range with the 48kWh battery module is up to 52.8 nautical miles at a speed of 5.5kts. (These values were measured on a 7.10m motorboat weighing approximately 1,244kg). System efficiency (motor + controller) is over 95%. Booth: 1430

H-Series inboards

ePropulsion introduced their 100kW electric inboard at METSTRADE last November, and has the full model range of their H-Series on display at the EHME.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing our latest integrated propulsion system” said Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “The H-Series [60-250kW power], created as modular systems, allows for easy extension of range and power requirements by simply adding motors, controllers and batteries.”

The motors all use ePropulsion’s permanent magnet motor technology which makes for a compact and lightweight system. The 100kW H-100, for instance, weighs only 190kg and needs just 443 x 315mm of space. It has a maximum torque of 2,000Nm and is around two-thirds lighter and 50% smaller than a diesel equivalent.

The H-Series is engineered for larger sailing boats and motor vessels measuring 18-30m. An H-Series 60kW inboard was recently fitted to a 10.3m Thames Marine Services workboat in London, UK. Booth: 1110

Hydro Impulse Systems
Hydro Impulse Sterndrive
2023 E&HME Award Winner: Environmental Achievement of the Year – Propulsion System Design

This is the first glimpse of the Hydro Impulse Systems groundbreaking Hydro Impulse Sterndrive and its impeller technology. In development for more than 20 years, the system increases propulsion efficiency and reduces energy usage. It is engineered for motor shaft outputs between 30kW and 65kW (peak) and is compatible with boats designed for sterndrive or outboard engines.

Not only does the system increase efficiency, but the compact design also allows increased freedom of design in boat building. Booth: 1150

EP Technologies
Electric Turnable Saildrive

This new Electric Turnable Saildrive features an electric servo motor with 25-60kW of power, 500-2,000RPM and, most significantly, the ability to rotate 360°. Anne Sorflakne of EPTechnologies says “It’s adaptable to working boats, sailboats, yachts, fishing boats, tugboats, catamarans, motorboats and houseboats, among other vessels. Using our saildrive technology, we can maintain speeds that vary between 16 and 20kts, and we can alter the system based on the boat’s type, weight, length and requirements. The key advantage of choosing our method is that no additional thruster is required behind the boat.” Booth: 6005

Borg Warner
750 Volt Battery System

As customers demand higher powered electric motors and manufacturers deliver them, the demand also increases for high voltage battery systems, like the BorgWarner ‘ultra-high-energy system’ for power-intensive applications operating at up to 750V.

The system was developed for use in electric buses and is based on a cylindrical cell module containing 600 Li-ion cells, which achieves an energy density of 221Wh/kg. Nine modules are connected in series to provide 98kWh of storage.

The system measures 1,720 x 700 x 300mm and weighs 560kg. To give you some comparison, that is about the weight of the battery of a Tesla Model S (540kg). The Borg-Warner unit has a life of up to 4,000 cycles. Booth: 1125

TAE Power Solutions
Modular Battery System (MBS)

Another battery solution comes from TAE Power Solutions, who have a modular battery system (MBS) that includes an integrated power distribution unit. The modulariity makes it suitable for small, medium and large applications. (The image on the left shows how it is applied in electric cars).

The TAE design incorporates an immersive cooling concept for improved cell thermal management and faster charge rates. That  reduces the risk of thermal runaway incidents in the battery and provides enhanced corrosion defense, making it well suited to marine applications.

The modular nature of the MBS provides flexibility in the packaging of the powertrain and provides more freedom in the overall vessel layout. TAE say it is appropriate for various craft from small sports boats to large cruisers. It has the ability to be coupled with electric inboard and outboard motors, with scalable voltage from 400-800V. Booth: 1120

NT Systems
Electric Propulsion C-Series

The C-Series from NT Systems is a turnkey electric propulsion solution for commercial and leisure boats with power range of 25-350kW. This is the company’s most compact inboard system, with an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. The system is 600mm long and weighs 94kg with an output power of 200kW. 

The company says it requires minimal maintenance and can be installed on various drive units and is made for applications where space and weight are critical factors. NT Systems is also showcasing a new side-mount throttle lever with left or right options that  includes all essential functions such as maneuvering mode and optional trim and interlock mechanisms. Booth: 4035

Fischer Panda
ePanda 8.0

Last year’s METSTRADE was also the launching pad for Fischer Panda’s ePanda 8.0 with a newly designed 5kW shaft motor, control and battery management system. The series will eventually include larger models: the ePanda 15.0 and ePanda 30.0. The line is a response to the demand F-P has seen from customers wanting a complete electric solution in the lower power class.

The brushless, sensorless and air-cooled permanent magnet drive forms a fixed unit with the inverter and the ready-to-install solution is completed with a load device, cables, fuses and matching display. Booth: 1300


On the hydrogen front, Genevos is an award-winning hydrogen power solutions developer presenting its HPM-80, which stands for Hydrogen Power Module. It is  a low-weight, optimized, modular solution to meet the specific energy requirements of vessels, delivering almost 100% clean power and emitting only water as a by-product.

Aside from the environmental benefits, at 330kg, the HPM-80 is one-third the weight of an equivalent diesel genset. Genevos says HPM-80s can be stacked to high power to fully decarbonize a diverse range of vessels including ferries, crew transfer vessels, offshore support vessels, tug boats and even small freighters for short-sea transportation.

A smaller unit, the HPM 15 (15kW), is being used on the OceansLab IMOCA entry for the 2024 Vendée Globe race, where it will be working in concert with Maxeon solar panels and an Oceanvolt hydrogenerating electric drive. Booth: 4060


Directory of Electric Boat Exhibitors at E&MHE 2023

The exhibitors below do not include those at the show that are focused on ships, ferries and other large commercial vessels. Click any tile for company information and links.

Photo of amperetta amperetta
amperetta.com +49 331 28 8383 50

amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE is the powerful, compact, and easy-to-use plugin-hybrid on the water. Strong electric motors are available for accurate maneuvering as well as for slow and medium cruising. amperetta HYBRID-DRIVE runs almost silently.

Potsdam, Germany

Photo of Ampros Ampros

At Ampros we develop electric propulsion systems for those who love water travel, appreciate silence and care for the planet. Our product is a modular solution for electrifying a boat propulsion system. It is based on high-tech components, so it can be adapted to the requirements of any specific project.

Ampros electric hybrid boat

AMPROS has an electric propulsion system for any type of boat.
We are also ready to design a custom solution for your needs.


The diesel generator is an additional source of energy that can help you cover long distances without recharging in port.

This system has a higher energy density than pure electric and is more environmentally friendly than diesel-based range extenders.

Sokolow, Poland


Photo of AS Labruna AS Labruna
aslabruna.it +39 080 77 71 35

Marine engines that are 100% electric embody innovative electric propulsion systems that ensure speed, performance and reliability for a greener mobility respectful of the environment. They are available in a variety of models and powers and can be installed on a range of different vessels sailing on lakes, rivers or seas.

Monopoli (BA), Italy

Photo of DeepSpeed DeepSpeed

DeepSpeed electric boat motors and accessoriesDeepSpeed electric jets take advantage of the ongoing technologies that are at the peak of innovation.

Thanks to the innovations and to the patented technology, the efficiency of our jets and the overall performance are unmatched.

There is no other propulsion system for naval use on the market, capable of being equally efficient, guaranteeing speed, performance and sustainability.

DeepSpeed, with unique propulsion and absolute silence, will project you into a new dimension that cannot be told, only experienced.

Buccinasco MI, Italy

Photo of e’dyn by Podkrižnik e’dyn by Podkrižnik

+386 3 839 15 30

Photo of ECOMAR Propulsion ECOMAR Propulsion
ecomarpropulsion.com +44 (0)1329 230097

Zero emission marine propulsion systems including hydrogen and battery energy and control systems exclusively for commercial operators. Our products are sustainable by design.

Photo of Electrine Electrine
electrine.co.kr +82-31-292-6649

Electrine electric boat motorsPOWERING THE FUTURE – NEVER STOP – GO AHEAD

ELECTRINE has focused on MARITIME ELECTRIFICATION since 2010 with a consistent effort on R&D.

ELECTRINE e-OUTBOARD series guarantees a full satisfaction
without any compromise for your choice.

ELECTRINE e-INBOARD Series provides stunning performance
from 40HP to 350 HP with smooth delivery. Your ride finally meets the future.

ELECTRINE e-SAILDRIVE series allows you to continue your valuable mission with more efficient and silent ride.

Republic of Korea

Photo of EODev EODev

EODev develops and industrializes sustainable, reliable, and affordable hydrogen-based energy solutions.

Renewables are the energies of today. At EODev, we want to bring the use of these energies within everyone’s reach, and especially hydrogen as the energy vector for a low-carbon society. Our offer is based on proven, mass-produced, and economically relevant technologies.

Photo of ePropulsion ePropulsion
epropulsion.com Use web contact page

ePropulsion electric boat motorsElectric boat motor for sailboats
ePropulsion electric outboards enable one-design sailboats to leave and return to the marina quick, silent and maneuverable.  The hydrogenation and solar charging also allow sailors to travel further and sail sustainably.

Electric outboards for fishing boatsIdeal for both freshwater and saltwater, ePropulsion electric outboard motors are perfect for jon boats, aluminum fishing boats, bass boats and fishing pontoons.

Electric outboards for work boats
The electric outboard motor has a simple motor structure with much fewer components than gas engines. The quiet and exhaust-free experience also makes passengers comfortable onboard.

Electric outboards for dinghy and tenders
Our electric outboard motors make your boat trips comfortable, quiet and exhaust-free. Our maintenance-free designs save you time, money, and headaches.



Photo of EVOA E1 EVOA E1

EVOA electric axial flux motor

EVOA Propulsion is an industry leader in advanced marine propulsion. We are a performance driven brand that was born from Formula E technology combined with decades of marine industry experience. Our E1 system delivers an unprecedented on-water experience that is quiet and powerful all while prioritizing environmental stewardship.



Photo of Evoy Evoy
evoy.no +47 3704 8888

Evoy boat motors: 2 high performance outboards and 2 high performance inboards

Norway has led the world’s adoption of electric cars.
Evoy and Norway will lead the world’s adoption of electric boats.

Evoy brings “irresistible boating” to the modern boater. An experience by delivering long-lasting Electric Boat Motor systems ranging from 120-400 hp continuous, accelerating the transition to emission free, blissfully quiet and sustainable boating.

A combustion engine has on average over 2000 parts. An Evoy motor has only 4 moving parts.

Offering flexible charging solutions from standard AC to fast DC – charging in less than an hour.

Remote support & maintenance, location services, updates and charge status at your fingertips.

Photo of ExploMar ExploMar
explomar.com.cn +86 (021) 6019 5828
Photo of Fischer Panda Electric Drive Systems Fischer Panda Electric Drive Systems
fischerpanda.com +49 5254 9202 350

Fischer-Panada electric boat propulsion systems

Fischer Panda has manufactured electric and hybrid drive systems for houseboats, motor boats and yachts for more than 15 years now.

Electric drives from Fischer Panda are perfect for cruising on waters where conventional combustion engines are not permitted, both for monohull and multihull boats with one or two drives.

What we offer:

  • Complete system from a single source
  • Silent and vibration-free cruising
  • Up to 100 % emission-free
  • Sufficient power on board at all times
  • Efficient Motor
  • Unique manoeuvrability
  • Professional 24 h customer support
  • Extremely low cruising costs


Photo of Genevos Efficient Solutions Genevos Efficient Solutions

Genevos is a marine fuel cell integrator specialising in modular hydrogen fuel cell application to the maritime sector. Our ambition is to aid a smooth transition to emissions-free power on our oceans through scalable, low-weight, and drop-in solutions.

Photo of GreenPower Propulsion GreenPower Propulsion

Next generation electric propulsion

Your one stop shop for complete electric propulsion solutions.

Photo of Huracan Marine Huracan Marine
.huracanmarine.com 0438 801889

Huracan S.r.l. was founded at the beginning of 2012 in Venice. Since then its goal has been that of building entirely electric marine motors, non polluting, highly performative and more reliable than those already on the market. The motors had to live up to their name which is that of a Mayan deity, the lord of storms and lightning: Huracan. Born to protect and value fragile and unique environments such as the Venetian lagoon, all

Huracan motors can be used in places where combustion motors are prohibited. Huracan is the realization of a dream that its founders have shared: permanently eliminating polluting propulsions from Venice and its lagoon. This is no easy task: Venice welcomes hundreds of thousands of people and its transport necessities are those of a very big city.

Photo of Hydro Impulse Hydro Impulse
hydroimpulse.com +43 664 8865 8360

Hydro Impulse sets new standards for marine drive systems. The revolutionary impeller system transmits the power to the water with greater efficiency for a higher range with less energy input, on top of more boating fun while also protecting the underwater world more effectively.

Photo of Kreisel Kreisel
kreiselelectric.com +43 7949 / 21400

Originally driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive into all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries. The core competence of Kreisel include battery development and production, integration & testing, prototyping & serial production and software development. As an international solution-provider, Kreisel Electric develops and produces the most-efficient battery storage packs for e-mobility as well as stationary storage systems.

Photo of MG Energy Systems MG Energy Systems
Photo of Molabo Molabo
molabo.eu +49 89 1792510-0

Molabo Electric Boat Motor on Centre Console boat


Looking for the perfect electric drive system for your boat?

The MOLABO shaft system offers a silent, vibration-free drive solution that is easy to install thanks to the safe-to-touch 48 V technology.

To make the installation as easy as possible for you, we offer additional components to the motor with integrated controller. With us you get everything you need for an efficient and reliable propulsion of your electric boat on a one-stop basis.


Photo of NT Systems NT Systems
nt.systems +386 40 326 593


Photo of Sealence Sealence

Product Range

Green Propulsion
Our innovative electric propulsion system empowered by the DeepSpeed jet:
Silent, efficient, zero emission

Green Propulsion
Our innovative electric propulsion system empowered by the DeepSpeed jet:
Silent, efficient, zero emission

Energy Management
Integrated smart system of energy storage for a better cruising experience

Photo of Super-B Lithium Batteries Super-B Lithium Batteries

Super B high-end Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are developed and manufactured to outperform lead-acid batteries on the road, on the water or off-the-grid. Our lithium batteries offer a tremendous amount of energy in a small, lightweight and maintenance-free box that’s robust, safe and reliable.

Photo of TAE Power Solutions TAE Power Solutions

TAE Power Solutions’ innovative modular technology enables EVs to charge four times faster†, go 20% farther†, and last 20% longer† than conventional battery-electric powertrains. The same components can scale for stationary systems to maximize renewable energy and reduce the levelized cost of storage by 20%†.

TAE Power Solutions makes our transition to an electrified world more efficient and more affordable than ever before.

Photo of TEMA TEMA
tema.hr +385 52216740

TEMA offers complete electric propulsion systems for zero emission boats, serial hybrids and parallel hybrids.
From small leisure yachts to large commercial boats, TEMA has solutions for all applications.

Photo of Torqeedo Torqeedo
torqeedo.com +49 (0) 8153 / 9215-100

Torqeedo electric boat motorsElectric drives for sailors
Torqeedo offers electric drives for sailboats from dinghies to yachts up to 120 feet: compact and powerful outboards, light and space-saving pod drives, one of the most powerful electric saildrives on the market, and the world’s first fully integrated hybrid propulsion and energy management system from industrial production.

Electric drives for motorboats
Enjoy a clean and quiet life on the water. Outboards from our Travel and Cruise series offer up to 20 horsepower of lightweight and emission-free fun. Need more power? Deep Blue, the first industrially produced, high-performance electric drive system for motorboats is available as outboard and inboard systems up to 100 kW.

Electric motors for kayaks
The ideal kayak fishing motor is quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Your Ultralight will take you to remote fishing grounds and allows easy, hands-free manoeuvring. On touring kayaks and canoes, the Ultralight serves as a compact range extender for extended tours and expeditions.

Electric boat drives for professionals
Reliability, efficiency and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial vessel – as are low and predictable fuel and maintenance costs. Torqeedo offers fully integrated, standards-compliant, high-tech drive systems at a competitive total cost of ownership.


Photo of Transfluid-Bellmarine SPA Transfluid-Bellmarine SPA
bellmarine.tech +31(0)85 4868530

Bellmarine electric boat motorsBellmarine is a Dutch brand and historical leader in electric marine propulsion and more besides; With a concentration on the European market with over 4000 systems installed in various types of applications.

Transfluid S.p.A.,  an Italian  company, has been manufacturing power transmission  products  for over 60 years and is well established in the market thanks to its organisation of subsidiaries and distributors around the world. Transfluid has developed a complete range of hybrid propulsion systems and produces permanent magnet electric machinery.

Established in 2018, the new company Transfluid North Europe B.V.  combines the experience and knowledge of the two companies; both share a vision orientated towards the future with environmentally friendly propulsion, for marine and industrial applications, the natural evolution of their technologies.

The merger between the two companies now enables proposal of electrical and hybrid solutions suitable for any type of boat or industrial vehicle, covering a unique range of powers worldwide.


Photo of Veth Propulsion – Twin Disc Veth Propulsion – Twin Disc

Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems
As leaders in power transmission technology, Twin Disc gives you the flexibility to drive everything from wheels to propellers with diesel power (or equivalent LNG, bio fuels, etc.), full electric, or a hybrid system that takes advantage of both.

With electric and hybrid propulsion systems you gain better ways to meet emissions standards, save on fuel and maintenance costs, and increase efficiency.

Our experts are ready to help you determine the solution that best fits your application. GoElectric with Twin Disc—and improve your bottom line.


Photo of Victron Energy Victron Energy
victronenergy.com +31(0)36 5359700

Our products include sinewave inverters, sinewave inverters/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors and more. Victron Energy has a strong, unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality. Our products are widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power.


Photo of VITA Power VITA Power
vita-power.com +1 (203) 685-5354

We come from a better future.

Vita was founded to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment through the development of an all-electric and integrated ecosystem of high-performance electric powertrains and fully electric yachts, supported by dedicated marine supercharging infrastructure.


Vita Seadog: 5.8m  •  20 kt cruising speed, 30 kt top speed  •  1 hour DC charge time
Vita SEAL: 7m  •  up to 30 kts    •  charging 10% – 90% in 40 min
<aserati Tidente: 10.5m  •  up to 35 kts  •  charging 10% – 90% in < 1 hour


Vita Power’s high performance systems integrate electric marine technology with proprietary control software to deliver peak power between 100hp and 660hp and DC fast charging capabilities.

Vita systems were the first to be compatible with high-speed DC charging on both CCS 1 (US) and CCS 2 (Europe) and are among the fastest charging on the market, supercharging from 10%-90% in under an hour.

Photo of Volta Future Volta Future
voltafuture.com +43 (0) 676 49 65 389

Tomorrow’s electric boat motors today
For greatest possible uses and performance variability, there is the outboard motor iWOP in two design variants. The iWOP dual and the iWOP single. So we cover one with our outboard motor Power range from 66-222kW with identical, compact size. Continuous performance of course!

Photo of WhisperPower WhisperPower
whisperpower.com +31 (0) 512 571 550

A well performing energysystem is an absolute must in a pleasure yachts. A wide variety of products and systems can be supplied from stock including sine wave inverters, battery chargers and long life batteries.  WhisperPower’s sister company Hybrid Power Systems BV is the premium company to offer combined hybrid propulsion systems from 25 kW – 250 kW.


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