Ingenity extends model range with new 23E electric day-boat

With the launch of the Ingenity 23E electric day-boat at the Miami International Boat Show, the company now has two models at opposite ends of the boating spectrum. The luxury 23E cruiser is made for relaxed entertaining and socializing while the Ingenity Nautique GS22E is built for the action and demands of wakeboarding and other watersports.

The new 23E electric day-boat can take as many as 11 people out on the water for up to 14 hours with a trip as serene as the passengers and captain desire. But it is also capable of cruising along at a fairly brisk speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and can reach a top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h) if everyone wants to quickly get out to open waters or back to shore.

Electric day-boat built for relaxation

There are two battery packages available – 63 kiloWatthours or 126 kWh, with charging time as little as 1.5 hours using an 80kW DC supercharger. Charging time is 4 hours with a 25 kiloWatt DC high speed unit and 10 hours using a regular  240V /50A system.

It doesn’t seem that rapid charging is going to be the main selling point for people interested in the Ingenity 23E, though. It is made for taking your time and being able to enjoy every moment.

For many people, this kind of day-boat is the ideal application for electric propulsion. The 23E has three main seating areas that create an expansive ‘floating living room’ for socializing. The peace and quiet of the electric motor and the absence of noxious fumes makes it easy for everyone on board to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

electric day boat showing midship retractable shadeThe bow has an optimal “round-robin” arrangement, and the wind gate can be opened up for a clear passage from the sandbar to the stern. A retractable shade can be raised to cover the central midship area. With no drive components on the deck and a wide beam of eight and a half feet (102″ / 2.59m), there is plenty of room for dining, refreshments, or easily getting into the water.

The electric motor is a forward facing sterndrive – the propeller is in front of the motor instead of behind. For an electric day-boat the key advantages of this kind of set-up are increased safety during swimming sessions and better low-speed maneuverability. The draft (lower unit down) is 39″, a hair shy of 1 metre.

Just the beginning for future Ingenity e-boats

One of the advantages of electric propulsion is that all aspects of performance can be easily measured, monitored, and communicated to the pilot. The 23E has integrated steering and throttle control with an intuitive user touchscreen interface. ‘Telematics’ is the general term for technology that collects and transmits all the data, and the ‘Ingenity Connect‘ telematics provide remote charging and location monitoring to a smartphone. Also enabled is over-the-air updates and service.

smartphone app for electric day-boatThe two Ingenity models each show off other advantages of electric propulsion. On the GS22E towboat, the incredible instant torque gets the athlete up on the water in a flash. For the 23E the main attraction is probably the silence of the ride – not to say that skiers and wakeboarders don’t appreciate the fact that they no longer have to scream out instructions to the spotter at the top of their lungs.

The lack of exhaust fumes makes a boat ride more enjoyable whether you’re riding along behind it or sitting inside – and of course everyone benefits from zero carbon emission.

These first two electric boats boats are obviously just the beginning for Ingenity. The 23E electric day-boat is built on Ingenity’s patent-pending modular “skateboard” design that will enable them to easily bring new e-boats to market. Whatever new models are coming up, a high bar for expectations has been set – the GS 22E won the 2021 Boating Magazine Boat of the Year Award, beating out 100 different boats of all kinds.

Sean Marrero President of Ingenity says “I am incredibly proud of what our team has done with the 23E. At Ingenity, we enable our customers to do what they love in ways that better reflect their values. With the 23E, we can now take the knowledge we have about electric boating and apply it to the larger group of people who prefer being on the water instead of in the water.”

To find out more, visit the Ingenity website. A fully refundable pre-order is available to secure your place in line when deliveries begin.

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