Ingenity electric boat wins Boat of The Year from Boating Magazine

After testing 100 different boats of all kinds in 2021, Boating Magazine has announced that the all electric Ingenity Super Air Nautique GS22E is the winner of Boat of The Year, the most prestigious award in recreational boating.

It is a great accomplishment for any team to win Boat of The Year, but for an all electric model to take top honours shows how far electric boats have come and how fast they are being recognized as the future.

“The GS22E shows what is possible in a 100% electric dedicated watersports boat and includes some impressive firsts from its unique 124 kWh battery to a telematics platform that optimizes the end-user experience,” said Ingenity President Sean Marrero. “It is a real honour to add another first to this list…the first all-electric boat named Boat of the Year.”

The award is voted on by the editorial staff of Boating Magazine and celebrates the most innovative and impressive boat model in all types, sizes and categories tested. Obviously each one of the boats named as finalist is ‘best in class’ and they range from PWC to cruisers and wakeboats to offshore fishing craft. The magazine notes that “The Boat of the Year not only stands out on its own, but also stands out more than any other boat stands out in any other category.”

Teams came together for electric boat  win

The GS22E combines the expertise of three subdivisions of Correct Craft, the Florida-based boat manufacturer which has been around for 97 years. The Ingenity division is focused on bringing sustainable solutions to the marine industry and the Watershed Innovation division coordinates the work of Ingenity, Osmosis telematics and composite engineers Merritt Precision. Their mission is ” a better tomorrow today”.

electric boat of the year speeding across waterTogether they coordinate with the specialists at Nautique, the Favorite Boat Brand in Wakeboarding Magazine’s 2019 reader poll. The hull design of the GS22E was developed for their multi-award winning G23 Paragon and the combination of this expertise comes together in an all electric boat created to give waterskiers, wakesurfers and wakeboarders a great ride without the noise and noxious fumes of fossil fuels.

On top of the performance, Boating Magazine’s test said  that”with Nautique’s impeccable fit and finish luxurious comfort flows throughout, for up to 11 guests.”

“We could not do this without Nautique,” Marrero added. “The GS22 platform lets us optimize both performance and economics around Ingenity’s electric propulsion system without forgetting its day job: providing the best watersports experience you can buy.” “The entire team at Nautique is extremely proud to bring home this sought-after award and for the GS22E to be named the Boat of the Year,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon.

The Nautique GS22E was first shown two years ago, in February of 2020 at the Seattle and Miami Boat Shows. Electric motors seem to be perfectly matched to watersports with the instant torque and power to get the riders up and on the water. The GS22E has a 220kW motor that promises ‘ample performance for all your watersports activities’.

Expanding for electric boat future

The 12k kWh battery pack can provide 2-3 hours of watersports use and recharges in 10 hours with a Level 2 charger, 5 hours with a Level 3 and as little as 1.5 hours using a Level 3 DC charger.

A lot has happened since the Nautique GS22E was first introduced, and the company obviously sees a big future in electric boats – especially in the watersports category. Last year Ingenity added 300,000 square feet of new production space and Merritt Precision expanded its facilities just this past week.

“The Ingenity team has worked tirelessly to make sustainability fun, and we are now at a point where a growing number of consumers want choices that better align with their values,” said Marrero. “Congratulations to the Ingenity and Nautique teams for making it possible, and thanks to Boating Magazine for recognizing GS22E with the most prestigious award in the industry…Boat of the Year!”

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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