The Gussies International Electric Boat Award

UPDATE: Voting for The Gussies is over. You can find the results »» here.


Below are the Finalists in each of three categories. If you need more information about any of the boats. click on the »»more info link beside its name and you will be taken to the company’s website.

If you click on a single image you will be taken to a slide show of all boats, and you can also click on a  »»more info link from an image in the  slide show.


The voting ballot is at the bottom of the page, underneath the photo galleries of the boats.
You must make a selection in each category
Voting will end July 24. The awards in each category will be announced July 26 (the 118th anniversary of Gustave Trouvé’s death in 1902).
You will need to enter your email address before you vote. You will not be solicited, but will be informed when the voting closes and the winners are announced.

Finalists: Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating

Category I
Electric Boats Less Than 8 Metres / 26 Feet

Category II
Electric Boats More Than 8 Metres / 26 Feet

Category III
Electric Boats Designed for Paying Passengers


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Axopar 25e Gussies Award Winner

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