Lanéva and Bellini partnering to electrify vintage Riva boats

The Lanéva electric boat company of Monaco is joining with Riva restoration expert Bellini Nautica of Italy to replace internal combustion engines in vintage Riva boats with fully electric powertrains.

The companies say their goal is “to become the leader in the retrofitting of classic and premium boats with electric engines, and a leader in reducing carbon emissions produced from the boating industry.”

1962 Tritone first Riva electric refit

Lanéva has been designing and building electric boats since 2018 and is a key participant in the e-mobility and zero emission community of Monaco. Their first all-electric was launched by H.S.H. Prince Albert II and their Vesper electric dayboat placed 2nd overall at the 2021 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

New all-electric model unveiled by Riva for 180th anniversary

In 2022 they opened the first luxury 100% electric aquatic service in Venice and did their first Riva retrofit. The results were debuted at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show.

The 1962 Riva Tritone originally had twin 177 HP V8 engines, replaced by Lanéva’s all-electric powertrain with 300 kW of power and battery capacity of 130kWh. This first project became the cornerstone of their electrification service.

Bellini Nautica, which was recently listed on the Euronext Growth Milan stock exchange, was founded in 1960 in Clusane, on the shores of Lake Iseo. It offers a complete range of services including the sale of new and used yachts., but the flagship is certainly its restoration division.

The range of skills acquired over 60+ years has allowed Bellini to build a highly specialized team capable of returning any vintage model to its original splendour with historical accuracy and precision craftsmanship. Riva restorations are a specialty – the private collection of Romano Bellini is the most complete Riva collection in the world.

Partnership will electrify vintage Riva boats like these in the collection of Romano Bellini
Vintage Rivas in the collection of Romano Bellini

The strategic partnership of these two companies is a response to new regulations being put in place throughout Europe for reduction of atmospheric and noise pollution on inland and coastal waters.

Aiming for 150 conversions over next 5 years

The Lanéva retrofit electric kits combine the company’s technologies and components in a 400-Volt fully electric powertrain with shielded cables and a state-of-the-art tracking and telemetry system that has motor racing origins.

Before refitting, extensive 3D studies and engineering work are carried out to assure that the weight distribution will be as close as possible to the original ICE configuration and the handling of these spectacular marriages of technology and art will be maintained.

The Lanéva-Bellini partnership has an ambitious goal of 150 conversions over the next 5 years. The kit and retrofitting service is offered for all vintage Riva boats, including the Tritone, Florida, Olympic, Junior, Ariston, Rudy, Monte-Carlo Offshorer, Aquarama and their Super or Special versions. It should be noted that Lanéva has no commercial relationship with Ferretti SPA, the owners of the Riva brands and models.

Lanéva Boats  Bellini Nautica

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