Magonis Boats, Flux Marine team up for new electric boat package

The US /North American boat market is welcoming a new electric entry with the Magonis Boats / Flux Marine collaboration on the sporty Wave e-550.

The e-boat is a sleek, low profile 18 footer (5.5 metres) that can accommodate up to 6 passengers and is loaded with well thought-out design and operating touches.

In Europe the Wave e-550 is available with a variety of electric motor options of different powers, but for the US it will be matched with the Flux 40 kW model. In horsepower terms, the Flux motor has about 55hp available as continuous power and can provide just over 70hp for getting on plane or other short bursts (≈ 55kW peak).

Magonis Boats stern with Flux electric outboard motors

Magonis Boats is based in Barcelona, Spain and was started when co-founder François Jozic was poking around the Belearic island of Menorca and came across a small boatyard working on a hull designed for fossil fuel motors under 15 HP – the upper limit at which users do not need a license to operate a boat.

It was during the pandemic and the yard was having some difficulties. François called up Mathieu Quintart, a business partner he had worked with on successful tourism/entertainment projects, and floated the idea of doing an electric boat.

Magonis Boats and Flux Marine recognition

Fast forward to 2021. Magonis Pure Electric Boats was launched with a version of that hull that became the Wave e-550 model. It immediately created an impression when it was selected as a Finalist in that year’s Gussies Electric Boat Awards. It has since gone on to much success in Europe and was nominated for the 2023 European Powerboat of The Year.

Electric outboard maker Flux Marine of Rhode Island is no stranger to awards itself. At the 2021 Newport International Boat Show it received not one, but two wins in the show’s Newport for New Products Awards: “Best Green Product ” and “Best New Boating Operation, Maintenance or Safety Product.”

Magonis Wave e-550 from above

Flux began as a 2017 Princeton University thesis project in electric marine propulsion by student Ben Sorkin. Sorkin had been interested in electric propulsion since he was running remote control boats as a kid and when he founded Flux in 2018 he enlisted the support of fellow Princetonian Jonathan Lord and Daylin Frantin of Boston University.

In March of 2022 they completed a successful Series ‘A’ Round of investment led by the Ocean Zero LLC fund created by TED Conferences head Chris Anderson and technology editor Stephen Petranek.

The company now has two outboards in production – 40kW/70hp  and 75kW/100hp – with 25kW/40hp and 10kW/15hp models available in 2025.

The 40kW is an excellent pairing for the Wave e-550, which I had a chance to take for a spin on a small lake in late 2022. That was with a slightly smaller European-built electric outboard but the boat quickly achieved plane followed by a very smooth and stable ride.

Magonis Wave e-550 seat and cleat detail

The companies say that the Flux has a range of 29 NM at cruising speeds. Charging can be done using a 6.6kW charger compatible with standard 125v/250v 50amp AC outlets.

The design, finish and fittings of the Wave s-550 are top quality throughout and include touches like a natural teak dolphin striker at the bow, Flexiteek deck and swim deck and stainless steel push-up cleats and cup holders. Small details, but they show that attention is being paid to creature comfort.

Custom user interface

On the operational side the Magonis Wave e-550 is equipped with custom user interfaces on a dedicated Garmin screen. The interface provides real-time system data (speed, charge) that is integrated with standard navigation tools. Available as an entertinament option is Garmin’s Marina Fusion Radio RA210 with series XS speakers.

“We are very excited to partner with Flux Marine.”  said Magonis Boats CEO Quintart. “This collaboration is not just about creating a new electric boat, it’s about setting a new standard in electric boating.” 

Flux Marine COO Frantin added “With our advanced electric propulsion technology, the Magonis Wave e-550 will offer an unparalleled boating experience. It is a significant step to getting more electric boats on the water.”

Flux Marine  Magonis

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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