Magonis electric boats stretching out internationally

Magonis electric boats, who debuted their flagship Wave e-550 model at last year’s Venice e-Regatta, is now expanding their sales and distribution locations and strategy with their own e-boat show in Copenhagen, a new showroom in Barcelona and new market in Canada.

If that isn’t enough to keep them busy, they are also working with the Battech research organization in Spain develop custom hydrogen fuel cell technology for the Wave e-550 and new models on the drawing board.

Copenhagen ‘Magonis Electric Boats Road Show’

Like many electric boat manufacturers, Magonis has found that one of the best ways to convince a prospective customer of the benefits of electric boating is to just get them out in an e-boat to let them see how different (and pleasant!) the on-water experience can be without the noise and noxious fumes of a fossil fuel motor.

The Swiss Association for Electric Boats has a ‘Swiss Tour‘ every year that visits four cities with a variety of electric boats people can get out on, and perhaps Magonis has taken a page from their book.

MagPower 30.0 motor on Magonis electric boatsFrom Thursday, April 28 to Sunday, May 1, the Magonis Wave e-550 with its Mag Power 30.0 motor will be available for test drives in Copenhagen, setting out from the Wilders Plads Marina in the heart of the city, on the canals of Christianshavn. The MagPower 30.0 is perfect for cruising through the canals, but also gives the e-550 the ability to hit a top speed of 22 knots / 40 km/h.

Visit the Magonis web site to book an appointment and test drive.

If you can’t make it to Copenhagen, the company is also setting up a permanent on water showroom in its hometown of Barcelona – at the

If you’re interested in booking a sea trial in Copenhagen, you can do it from the Magonis website

Barcelona: permanent on-water showroom

If you can’t make it to Copenhagen for the road show, Barcelona, Magonis is setting up a permanent showroom at the Marina Vela in Barcelona, which has a dry stack facility that can hold 200+ boats and is located next to the Barcelona Nautic Centre shipyard.

The Marina also has a sort of mini-mall for boating and yachting, with the mobile workshops Viento en popa 365, offices of the Probrava Group boats, with brands such as Sealine and EVO Yachts, the This Is Med yacht rental service and an outlet of Ratsey & Lapthorn, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious sailing companies.

Canada: new nationwide distributor

Across the Atlantic, Magonis has just reached an agreement with Oasis Global, the umbrella corporation for a number of companies in the recreational and sport vehicle business, including Segway Powersports and Hoosier-Offroad.

Segway Powersports focuses on ATV and off road side-by side (SSV/SXS) vehicles, while Hoosier Offroad is centred around off road motorcycles and racing. Oasis has a distribution network of about 45 dealers across Canada, who will now be adding boats to their offerings with the addition of the the Magonis Wave e-550.

bow of Magonis electric boats Wave e-550Oasis CEO Mark Rivers said “We are very excited about bringing Magonis to Canada. We looked at a number of electric boats, and were extremely impressed by the precision manufacturing and finish of the Wave e-550. We also think it is positioned perfectly for electric boats in Canada’s inland waters, with its price point and balance of range and cruising/top speeds.”

Hydrogen range extender for overnight boats

On the tech development front, Magonis has teamed up with the Spain’s Battech battery research institution to look at ways of incorporating custom hydrogen fuel cell technology in the Magonis fleet.

Battech was formed by the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC), and the Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia as a joint research, development, testing and innovation unit specializing in everything battery. In turn they work with organizations like the European Battery Alliance to figure out the best ways to implement the circular economy and sustainability of non fossil fuel energy for the future.

The goal for Magonis in working with Battech is to look at hydrogen fuel cells as a range extender for the larger, overnight boats they are planning. As stated by François Jozic, CEO of Magonis, “When people think of switching from combustion to electric, they imagine tradeoffs, but we are intent on showing the market that going electric is actually an upgrade with smart, limitless possibilities.”

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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