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Enjoy the serene Lafayette River in a silent electric boat.

At Electrified Marina we offer a diverse range of unique rental experiences on the serene Lafayette River.

Each experience is tailored to provide an unforgettable journey, whether it’s through gourmet dining on the water, guided meditation amidst nature, thrilling scavenger hunts, or hosting meaningful fundraising events.

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If you are new to the waters, we will provide you with a map of fun sightseeing routes as well as some recommendations on where to go in order to give you plenty of enjoyment options.

These boats are easy to operate, but if you need or would prefer a pilot, We have a list of vetted Captains that are qualified to operate our boats. You can find out more and a list of FAQs and other information by clicking the blue ‘Find out more’ button above.

The smallest of the electric boats will accommodate 4 passengers, others accommodate 5, 10 and 11 passengers.

These eco-friendly, electric-powered boat tours are designed to cater to various interests and occasions, promising an intimate connection with the natural beauty of the river, creating lasting memories and supporting environmental stewardship.


Below are the most common questions our renters ask. You can find out more and a full list of FAQs and other information by clicking the blue ‘Find out more’  button earlier on the page.

  • Listing ID: 33059
  • Price: Tues-Thurs: $100/Hr. Fri-Sun: $150/Hr. taxes/fees/insurance not included
  • Boat License: No boating license is required. Our boats are very easy to operate, very similar to driving a golf cart.We do requirement the operator (driver) must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver's license and a major credit card to secure the reservation. We will do a boat briefing with you when you arrive. Renters must also watch the Power Boat Safety video and pass the test prior to your reservation.
  • Pilot Available: Yes
  • Safety Equipment: Yes
  • Safety Details: We provide life vests for all ages. Children under 13 years of age must wear a life vest on a moving vessel in accordance with the USCG.
  • Age Requirements: The person making the booking (renter) is considered the primary operator (driver) of the boat. Renters must be 21 years and up with a valid driver's license. Please bring your driver's license to the marina on the day of your rental in order for us to complete your rental check-in.We require a major credit card to book reservation.
  • Food & Beverage: You are welcome to bring food, drinks and coolers (keep in mind that heavy coolers must be considered when calculating maximum weight capacity for your boat).If you happen to forget a cooler we do have some onsite to rent, along with ice that can be purchased.
  • Alcohol: You can bring alcohol. Please keep in mind the person driving the boat must remain under the legal limit in consumption of alcohol. We do not allow red wine, or red drinks of any kind (they stain). Smoking or burning of any kind is prohibited onboard. Your security deposit will not be refunded if any evidence of smoking is found on the boat.
  • Decorations: You can absolutely decorate your boat for the occasion. Please keep in mind when choosing decor, however, that Virginia has a law against releasing balloons into the environment. You must remove all decorations upon leaving the boat
  • Pets/Animals: We do allow dogs on our boats. You may bring up to 4 dogs for your reservation. Please consider this when calculating the maximum weight capacity for your boat. If you plan to bring your pet please let us know ahead of time as we charge a pet cleaning fee of $25.*Doggie life jackets are available in multiple sizes for rent for $10/rental
  • Entertainment: Your boat has a Bluetooth compatible speaker for you to play whatever music you like. There is no fishing or crabbing due to the mess it leaves behind on our boats. There is also no swimming or docking permitted as there is no ladder to climb back in easily.
  • Insurance: Insurance coverage is mandatory for each boat rental. During booking, you may pre-select an insurance option, and review the estimated cost.Important note: Insurance charges will be collected and activated once you arrive at the marina, not when you book your reservation.Insurance charges are not included in the rental price total when you book your reservation (since the insurance does not get charged and activated until you actually arrive at the marina to check-in for your boat rental). Insurance charges are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Deposit: There is a $500.00 security deposit (separate from the rental fees). The security deposit will be charged at the time of the rental (not at booking). The security deposit will be released when the boat is returned without any damage.
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765 W 48th St. Norfolk, VA 23508Virginia,Eastern Time,United States,North America Show phone number https://www.electrifiedmarina.com/

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