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As the UK’s leading ePropulsion retailer for the last three years running, we have unmatched experience in helping you find the best motor for your requirements… and are competitive on price too.

Epropulsion Electric Outboards

Epropulsion entered the electric outboard market about eight years ago, and their best seller is the 1kW Spirit PLUS – a direct rival to the most popular manufacturer’s  Travel series motors. It has the same power output, with a larger capacity (and floating) battery, and only one lead to connect. The pricing is similar but you get quite a lot more battery capacity.

We sell more Epropulsion motors than any other dealer in the world (yes including the US), and can undertake most service/repair work.

Epropulsion also offers the larger more powerful motors – the Navy Electric motors – and  a kayak motor, the Epropulsion Lagoon. Nestaway carries all models.

Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Electric Outboards

EPROPULSION Spirit electric outboards are equivalent to 3hp petrol motors, but far more pleasant – and much easier – to use. Their massive torque and high capacity removable lithium batteries make them a great choice for boats up to about a tonne, from dinghies to dayboats.

More Info: ePropulsion Spirit


Navy 3.0 Electric Outboards

Epropulsion Navy EVO 3 & 6kW electric outboard motors are quiet, smooth and efficient. Their immense torque makes them suitable for powering displacement-hull vessels of up to about 5 tonnes.

Unlike other electric outboards at this size, the Epropulsion Navy EVO series all use direct-drive brushless DC motors. This means that the motors are directly connected to the propeller shaft, with no delicate/noisy gearbox in between. And the motor is housed underwater, in the “pod” at the bottom – so there’s no driveshaft or belt or cooling system running up the leg.

More Info: ePropulsion Navy 3.0


The main benefits of direct drive motors are very quiet (all-but silent) running, mechanical robustness/simplicity, and greater efficiency (meaning longer run times from your batteries).

These electric outboards are also incredibly easy to use – you just press the on button and twist the tiller handle or push the remote control lever, and off you go. No putting your back out (or knocking other crew out!) pulling the starter cord, no choke to fiddle with, no waiting around for it to “warm up” in case it stalls.

And being so mechanically simple there’s just less to go wrong, which you might have guessed means reduced servicing/maintenance costs. But it’s better than that, in fact no servicing is required (other than very basic DIY greasing etc). And unexpected repair bills are extremely unlikely, for example there’s no carburetor to gum up (the most common cause of petrol engine problems in recent years).

  • Listing ID: 10182
  • Price: Full pricing on our website. Please use the Contact Listing Owner to send us an email
  • Condition: New - In Stock
  • Motor Type: Outboard
  • Motor Manufacturer: ePropulsion
  • Motor Model: Spirit 1.0 PLUS, Spirit 1.0 EVO, Navy 6
  • Top Speed: 17 – 20 knots • 31 – 37 kmh • 20 – 23 mph
  • Throttle: Tiller, Remote Sidemount, Remote Top Mount
  • Steering: Tiller, Remote
  • Tilt: Manual
  • Trim: Manual
  • Motor Technology: BLDC (Brushless DC)
  • Integrated Battery / Battery Included: Yes
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Charger: Yes
  • Battery Monitor: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
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