EZ Inboard Pro 10 • 15 kW

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Simple Electric Inboards – Direct Drive
Clean . Quiet . Light . Efficient . Reliable . Safe . Maintenance FREE!

Conquer the waves with 10,000W / 500 Amps of raging electric power. Introducing the 3rd-Gen Gearless & BLDC motor, reinvented for marine applications.

Tame the monster with our latest SINE wave controller, ripping through the tides at a whopping 92% efficiency, leaving no pollutants in its wake.

Designed and manufactured by top motor experts using carefully selected premium-grade materials, this monster is built to last

Open support for any 48Vdc battery systems, users are free to choose a local battery suppliers

EZ Inboards installation is compatible with gasoline engines, simple and maintenance-free

The prices are equivalent to the four-stroke gasoline engine, affordable, and truly create values for users

FREE smartphone dashboard APPs, available in both Android and iOS versions:


Experience the smoothest acceleration you’ve ever experienced onboard, the VEC500 controller outputs true sinewaves at up to 500A of pure electrical current. Connect to our smartphone App to monitor power output, voltage and a variety of useful parameters.

Will it fit? Most definitely! Our inboard cage is designed for universal compatibility with all boat types by tweaking the adjustable brackets and screw rails. Custom frame solutions are also easily accessible at a machine shop nearby, we’ve included a custom solution guide in our instruction manual.

Cool the beast with our extra-large heatsink designed to maximize heat transfer, enabling our beast to withstand extreme operating temperatures, reliably. Liquid cooling options are also available, a compatible pump is required.

  • Listing ID: 22466
  • Price: Contact for price
  • Condition: New - In Stock
  • Motor Type: Inboard
  • Motor Manufacturer: Golden Motor
  • Motor Model: EZ-IB-10 • EZ-IB-15
  • Input power: EZ-IB-10: 5kW / 110Amp • EZ-IB-15: 8 kW / 175 Amp
  • Comparable gas/petrol HP: EZ-IB-10: 10 HP • EZ-IB-15: 15 HP
  • Motor Weight: EZ-IB-10: 37.5 kg / • EZ-IB-15: 49kg /
  • Motor Technology: BLDC (Brushless DC)
  • Voltage: 48
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Golden MotorAsia https://www.goldenmotor.com/

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