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We are developing a fully integrated electric boat that is elegant, affordable, and ready to ride.

We are committed to the notion that affordable and stylish electric boats that do not harm the ecosystem is the future of recreational boating.

The Forza X1 mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable recreational boating by creating stylish

Forza X1 boats are modern and stylish, designed by boaters for boaters.

While Forza X1 is incorporating the latest EV technology into our boats, you know you’re still getting a boat that will handle well and go where you need to go.

Hulls: Stainless steel, or Marelon® type

FX1 215HP Outboard Motor
Forza X1 has completed the design phase of its outboard motor and is now developing and preparing to manufacture it to power Forza X1’s new 24-foot FX1 boat.

The FX1 Battery
Forza X1 will utilize the T350-50 battery pack, a highly flexible and modular battery that can be scaled in series or in parallel.

The battery packs are based on the world-class 2170 cylindrical cells and have the highest energy density solution in the market with approximately 200 Wh/kg. The Proliance T350-50 also allows for advanced monitoring and diagnostic reporting. Additionally, there is a highly efficient, liquid cooled thermal management system and the sealed enclosures are IP65, which eliminates potential for debris and weather to get inside the battery pack.

Helm-Tech: Pod Controller
360 Degree Rotating lower unite, carbon fiber, 22 inch touch screen

Upholstery: Seating
Made with lightweight , and UV stable fabrics

Fiberglass Components
Infusion technology
Bonded with special two-part methacrylate for superior adhesion and strength

Highest-grade vinyl ester or epoxy blends to make strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight


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$100 refundable reservation for the boat.

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  • Boat Type: Catamaran, Sportboat
  • Manufacturer: Forza X1
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