Parsun Joy 1.2 (3 hp) and Joy 6.0 (9.9 hp) electric outboards

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Parsun electric outboard logoOur electric outboard motors are particularly distinguished for their zero emissions and near-silent operation, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for boaters. The clean and quiet boating experience they provide is unparalleled.

Two Models: Joy 1.2 (1.2 kW/3 hp) and Joy 6.0 (6 kW / 9.9 hp)

Joy 1.2
Joy 1.2 is a portable 3HP electric outboard motor made for dinghies, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a 1440Wh large integrated lithium battery for longer range. The electric motor is great for sustainable sailing experience.

Speed and Range
Based on 3 meter inflatable with 2 adults on board and in a calm river.

Power (W) Speed
600W 4.3 / 6.9 2:24 10.3 / 16.6
800w 4.8 / 7.7 1:48 8.6 / 13.9
1000w 5.2 / 8.3 1:26 7.5 / 12
1200w 5.4 / 8.7 1:12 6.5 / 10.4


The high-density rechargeable battery is lightweight and rugged enough for harsh conditions, and boasts the largest capacity in its class for longer running time. It is designed to float in the event it is dropped into water with water proof to IP67.

Light weight, compact format
Less 20kg, making it easy to carry with one hand. The entire machine has a folding tiller and the whole motors can be disassembled, making it easy to transport and take up minimal space.

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Digital LCD display
Provides real-time information on the operating status of the outboard.

Electric start
Press the power button down, and then you’re ready to go. Eliminate the need for manual wire pulling.

Magnetic emergency switch
Allow for quick shutdown in emergency situations for added safety.

Stepless throttle replacement
For a clear, smooth, and pleasant operation.

Backlight display
The backlight makes readability easy in low light conditions.

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Joy 6.0 

Joy 6.0 is the latest innovative electric outboard motor of Parsun boat motor family, featuring with quiet running, zero emission, maintenance free and easy driving. With 6kW input power, efficient water-cooling system, Joy 6.0 is suitable to inflatable boats, aluminum boats, pontoon boats and other boats under 20 feet.

Speed and Range
Based on 4.2m inflatable boat with one person, powered by one Joy 6.0 with one 175Ah battery in calm river water

Power (W) Speed
1,000W 4.9  / 7.9 8:57 44.0  / 70.8
2,000W 5.3  / 8.5 4:42 24.7  / 39.79
3,000W 5.5  / 8.8 3:17 17.7  / 28.5
4,000W 6.6  / 10.6 2:45 15.4  / 24.8
5,000W 7.5  / 12.0 2:26 15.7   / 25.2
6,000W 8.0  / 13.0 2:14 14.7   / 23.7

PMSM with Direct Drive
Thanks to direct drive technology, Joy 6.0 is powerful, efficient, quiet and maintenance free in running.

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Water-Cooling System
Efficient water-cooling system ensures stable performance output, whether in sea water or fresh water.

Easy Driving
Joy 6.0 offers a visual digital touch display panel both for the models with a tiller and the remote-control models.

Digital Display Data Includes:
Time  •  GPS Signal  •  Power  •  Boat Speed  •  Battery Voltage  •  Bluetooth Signal  •  Battery SOC  •  One Trip Range  •  Time Left  •  Fault Codes (if happens)

Setting Functions: Display Brightness  • Time Zone  •  Range Unit  •  Display Language  •  Battery Type  •  Forward Max Power  •  Reverse Max Power

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