Propel S1 10kW/25hp pancake motor electric outboard

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Ride the Electric Wave
Next generation electric propulsion. Discover the most efficient electric boat motors in the industry. Conceived and built to by Propel Motors to propel the electric era.

Propel S1
Our very first outboard motor is set to take you beyond what you thought an e-outboard was capable of.

The strong & silent type
Our unique pancake motor delivers high torque at a low rpm. Making it quiet, yet powerful and takes you further more comfortably.

The highly efficient Saietta axial flux motor is at the heart of every Propel product. Going further on a charge, you get to spend more time on the water, in blissful silence.

Efficient propulsion
Using high-end computational fluid dynamics, we designed the most efficient motor in the industry. We found the optimal balance between propeller size and motor performance, making the most of our revolutionary electric motor.

We keep our heads cool
We cool our motors and electronics with a closed-loop cooling system. This means virtually no maintenance is needed, and you can sustain maximum performance for a longer period of time.

Built to last and last and last
We have made things simple for you. We created a maintenance free and robust outboard motor to give you peace of mind. This might just be the last motor you’ll ever buy.

Say hello to easy
Simply start your day on the water with the flick of a switch. Finally, no more choking, no more pull starts. The display tells you everything you need to know, so you can spend a day on the water without a worry.

  • Listing ID: 17452
  • Price: €5,900
  • Condition: New - Available for Order
  • Year: 2022
  • Motor Type: Outboard
  • Motor Manufacturer: Propel
  • Motor Model: Propel S1
  • Continuous Power: 10 kW
  • Comparable gas/petrol HP: 25 hp
  • Static Thrust: Propulsive thrust: 1.84 kN
  • Motor Efficiency: Maximum overall efficiency: 62.1 %
  • RPMs: Maximum propeller speed: 1440 RPM
  • Shaft Length: cm: 38.5 (S) / 51.2 (L) / 63.9 (XL)
  • Propeller: 4-blade - 13"
  • Throttle: Tiller
  • Throttle: More Info: Tiller: forward/reverse drive in single movement
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Steering More Info: Steering Angle: 46° • Provision to connect to standard remote steering
  • Motor Weight: kg: 46.8 (S) / 50 (L) / 53.2 (XL)
  • Tilt: Manual
  • Trim: Manual
  • Tilt/Trim More Info: Tilt Angle: 60° • Trim device: Manual, 4-step • Trim angles: 0°, 6°, 12°, 18°, 24°
  • Motor Technology: Pancake (Axial flux)
  • Voltage: Nominal DC voltage: 48V
  • Integrated Battery / Battery Included: No
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