Rim Drive electric pod motors for boats up to 11 tons

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RIM Drive Technology logoElectric sailing is the future
Environmentally  friendly, high quality and silent

The worldwide manufacture for electric rim drive motors – Rim Drive Technology believes in offering the total solution for every client within every market: from electric motor to battery, from throttle control to battery monitor.

A rim drive motor has some specific advantages over other electric motors:

  • Very little chance to seize your propeller due to axle less design
  • No wearing parts within the motor
  • Completely water lubricated
  • No oil used anywhere within the motor
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Quick response time
  • High efficiency
  • Only one rotating motor part
  • Only salt water resistant materials used
  • Integrated motor controller
  • Safe operation by means of a kill switch
  • Clear user interface with LED
  • Different trim settings

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Our LiFePO4 batteries offer one of the lowest prices per Watt-hour available.
110V, 96V, 48V, 24V 12V battery packs

High energy density,
Minimal dimensions,
Maintenance free,
User friendly,
Long life,
High discharge capacity,
Works with all rim drives


One year warranty for non-commercial use
Integrated motor controller
Salt water resistant
Universal battery connector
Includes 2m battery cables

‘Our vision is to provide clients a total solution with the highest quality. For me a total solution is a system which is complete, user friendly, reliable and safe. The team has done a fantastic job by realizing this. It is great to get this confirmed by world wide clients’  Nick Ruinard, Founder of Rim Drive Technology

  • Listing ID: 17090
  • Price: €18,000
  • Condition: New - In Stock
  • Motor Type: Pod
  • Motor Manufacturer: Rim Drive Technology
  • Output power: 25kW, 30kW
  • Comparable gas/petrol HP: 42HP, 52HP
  • Static Thrust: 380kg, 400kg
  • Motor Efficiency: 90%+
  • Shaft Length: Available with extended shaft to reduce hull effects on the rim drive water flow for quieter and smoother operation.
  • Propeller: Propeller Diameter: 314mm
  • Motor Weight: 70kg
  • Cooling: Passive Water
  • Voltage: 96V, 100V
  • Amps/Current: 260A, 273A
  • Battery Capacity: 110V, 96V, 48V, 24V and 12V battery packs available
  • Cables: 2m included
  • Battery Monitor: Yes
Contact details

NetherlandsEurope Show phone number https://rimdrivetechnology.nl/

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