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There’s nothing new about electric boats
Electric boats are almost maintenance free, they’re reliable and easy to operate. In fact The Immisch Electric Launch Co. had a fleet of 60 of them on The Thames in 1898.

The development of the combustion engine at the turn of the century and the effects of the First World War proved the death knell for electric propulsion – and steam.

However, the tide is turning back in favour of electric boats with improvements in battery technology and a need to reduce emissions. In truth, electric motors really suit narrowboats and river boats.


Your electric dream machine
57 foot or 65 foot. Cruiser stern, semi cruiser stern, traditional stern, semi traditional stern. Josher bow, standard bow, tug deck. Hopper windows, port holes, duck hatches, drawbridge bed. Etc etc.

The beauty of narrowboats is that they can be so individual and they can be built to suit your own needs and budget. We know that we’ll be having some very in depth conversations with you, whilst you reference something you saw on Facebook. And we’re perfectly fine with that, together we will design the perfect romantic couples/family holiday/entertaining friends boat. Below are a few conversation starters.

That said, one of the biggest choices you will make is whether you want an electric narrowboat and if you want a large array of solar panels. Basically you are choosing how environmentally friendly you want to be.

Discover Our Electric Narrowboats

Enjoy the inland waterways
We want you to feel the joy of motoring along in near silence and fully present to the natural world; birdsong, buzzing insects and the ripple of the water in the knowledge that you are not costing you or the earth anything.

People respond to nature and natural products. Go below into the cabin. Here the majority of timber used is reclaimed, often hundreds of years old.

That said, there is nothing old fashioned about our design. It’s fresh and every thought is given to the feeling of space, we make contemporary narrowboats.

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