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TEMO – The first solution for electro-portable propulsion.


Made in France, with a high-quality approach, TEMO electric outboard motors are reliable, durable and very easy to use. Eco-friendly, simple to use and light, TEMO takes care of both boaters and the environment.

TEMO is neither an oar nor a motor, it is a new generation propulsion system. Inspired by urban mobility and electro-portability, TEMO is a new electric propulsion solution that combines the lightness of an oar with the effect of an outboard.

It will make you think of an electric scull or a reminiscent of the famous Thai longtails. They’ve taken the best of both and modernised them to give you a way to get out to your boat without all the tiring effort of carrying heavy outboards, removing fuel and service costs.

TEMO offers the TEMO·450, TEMO·450 Carbon and TEMO·1000.


The TEMO·450 is an ultra-light and powerful electric propulsion solution. It might make you think of electric sculling or an Asian long tail. They’ve taken the best of both and modernised them to give you a way to get out to your boat without all the tiring effort of carrying heavy outboards, removing fuel and service costs. It’s SIMPLE, ERGONOMIC & PORTABLE!

The TEMO·450 watt electric outboard is comparable to a 2HP petrol outboard but a fraction of the weight at 5kg, with no ongoing service or maintenance costs.


Extremely light and portable the unique single unit design houses the 450-watt motor, battery and control unit in a robust IP67 waterproof rated enclosure. Extremely compact Its telescopic handle reduces the engine down to only 130cm in length making it easy to store onboard or in the car.

Simple and intuitive to operate you simply squeeze the pressure sensitive trigger to go. The harder you press the faster you go. Operation in reverse is simply done by holding the reverse button down whilst squeezing the trigger. The adjustable telescopic handle extends to 170cm in length allowing the operator to move forward in the dinghy or tender improving bow/stern trim. The handle also rotates so the driver can comfortably sit on port or starboard.

The innovative design makes launching and returning to slipway or beach a simple and pleasurable experience, no need to lean over the back of the boat to lift the outboard engine, simply tilt the engine and cruise onto the beach, it operates perfectly even in the shallowest of waters.

The 450-watt motor delivers 200 watts of propulsive power, comparable to a 2HP outboard engine, perfect for slipway to mooring and boat to beach transfers. With a range of 60-80 minutes it will easily propel tenders and dinghies up to 500 kg in weight and 3m in length. The battery charges from empty in 3 hours from a 220V mains or 12V power source.

TEMO·450 Carbon

Meet the special edition beautifully designed TEMO·450 Carbon electric outboard engine. This cutting-edge design suits those who appreciate the aesthetics of a carbon finish, combined with the unrivalled quality of TEMO’s production processes and the reassurance of a 5-year warranty as standard.

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Weighing in at just 4.6kg, the TEMO·450 Carbon has a range of up to 80 minutes, thanks to its 12.8Ah or 323Wh battery capacity and 450-watt motor that delivers 200 watts of propulsive power.

The perfect solution for stylish slipway to mooring and boat to beach journeys.


The more powerful TEMO·1000 is an electric motor designed for quick installation and unrivalled convenience and will easily propel a dinghy with 6 people on board, or a sailing boat with a one-ton displacement. Lightweight and ultra-ergonomic with its retractable handle, its sleek and pure in design.

The TEMO·1000 electric outboard motor is a powerful and environmentally friendly outboard, designed for large 6-person dinghies, tenders and small keelboats, sports keelboats and sailing yachts up to 8 meters.


Weighing only 15Kg (including the 5kg removable battery) the TEMO·1000 is ergonomic in design and extremely easy to carry onboard and install onto your sailing boat or tender. A retractable handle and cassette battery ensure it takes up minimal space onboard or in transport.

The 1000W motor and unique propeller design optimise performance, delivering a static thrust of 28kg (equivalent to 3HP) allowing you to propel a large 6-person dinghy or a small sailing boat up to 8 metres.

The retractable handle with twist grip control enables the outboard to be used directly on the back of a sailing boats yacht purely as propulsion using the boats tiller to steer. Simply select the speed, retract the handle and gain space onboard your sailing boat. With the handle out you can propel and steer the boat or tender using the twist tiller control.

An ingenious mounting bracket allows the TEMO·1000 to be quickly installed on the boat with 360 degree turn it can easily be rotated completely around on itself for safe storage inside the boat, whilst an adjustable track allows the motor to be raised quickly for use in shoal draft, there is no need to choose between long and short shaft, the TEMO·1000 covers both lengths.

The cassette battery system delivers over 60 minutes of run time, its unique design combined with waterproof IP rated connectors enables you to exchange batteries in seconds, so you cn use a second battery for long journeys.




TEMO·1000 is an extremely portable and powerful 1000-watt electric outboard engine with 28kg of thrust. Weighing just 15kg complete, the battery is removable with a run time of 60 minutes, it is the perfect outboard engine for large dinghies and/or small sailing boats up to 8 meters.

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