New Marian Boats | ABT Sportsline collaboration: the M 800-R

The new M 800-R from Marian Boats is the latest collaboration of an electric boat manufacturer with a partner from the high end automotive world – in this case famed tuning provider ABT Sportsline.

ABT Sportsline is the largest tuning provider for vehicles from the Volkswagen and Audi Group. Marian is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury electric boats.

Both are family companies and proud of their innovations. ABT has over 125 years of history, starting out when Johann Abt, a blacksmith, invented a horse-drawn carriage that could also be used as a sleigh in winter – a true hybrid.

Marian Boats, ABT Sportsline ‘like-minded companies’

Marian was established in 2000 by current CEO Ion Marian as a repair and maintenance specialist, but quickly shifted focus to boat manufacturing. They have six models, (now seven) all with one goal – giving customers the thrill of piloting an excellently designed boat, electrically powered and precision-built.

Their philosophy is strongly influenced by the love of their home in the Salzkammergut region of Austria, and they aim to “contribute to the purity of lakes and the protection of the environment, now – and for generations to come”

The two companies worked together to apply their ideas and talents to Marian’s popular M 800 Spyder, which is the bowrider version of their flagship M 800. (Which, by the way, was selected by Director F. Gary Gray to appear in the 2024 Netflix action thriller ‘LIFT’ starring Kevin Hart and Úrsula Corberó Delgado.)

Marian Boats M 800-R

Hans-Jürgen Abt, Managing Partner of ABT Sportsline, says “We have two like-minded traditional companies coming together that stand for perfect craftsmanship, innovative spirit and technological progress.”  Ion Marian agrees. “In ABT Sportsline, we have a partner whose expertise makes the new M 800-R an exceptional sports boat.”

Starting with the hull of the M 800, which has been proven for gliding efficiency and showcasing the capabilities of electric motors, the customizations for the ABT | Marian M 800-R include both engineering and visual / design elements.

Peak power: 450 kw / 610 hp

On the performance side, it comes with a 250 kW Next-Gen-E motor – 50 kiloWatts larger than that in the Spyder. The 250 kW rating is for is continuous power. A peak power of 450 kW (610 hp) is reached in the ‘ABT Mode’ that activates all water pumps, increases drivetrain cooling and enables a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour: 53 mph/46 knots.

There are two other driving modes, The Cruise Mode is less speedy, but gives a range of 80 kilometres (50 mi / 43 nm), while the Port Mode has a governor topping it out at 15 kW for safe low speed manoeuvring in harbours and marinas, or enjoying a slow, silent cruise in open waters.

The 120 kiloWatt hour lithium-ion battery is equipped with a CCS charger and accepts 150 kiloWatts from an automotive or marine station to be fully charged in less than an hour.

While both companies are renowned for their technical expertise, they also excel in stunning and distinctive style and design. The choice of red leather upholstery pays homage to ABT Sportsline’s corporate colours.

Marian Boats M 800-R details - steering wheel, seats, throttle, cleats

True to Marian’s attention to providing a pampering time on the water, the 8 meter (26 foot) boat has a pleasantly surprising amount of room – for nine people – with seating in the foredeck of the bowrider and a large sun pad aft.

Other ABT touches are evident in the driver’s and companion’s seats, with Alcantara fabric and seat back shells for elegance, functionality and comfort while driving.

The air intake for the engine compartment is based on the characteristic wheel arch vents of the ABT Sportsline special models. Ambient and underwater lighting that createe atmosphere on board day or night.

Limited edition of 20 units

Additional visual highlights include an illuminated multifunction steering wheel, elegant black cleats, which can be retracted if desired, and a state-of the-art 12-inch multifunction display. The display offers a GPS chart plotter, water temperature display and echo sounder. It is also the hub for the over-the-air update and diagnostic capabilities that allows the boat to be diagnosed remotely.

As with other e-boat/ auto collaborations like the Frauscher X Porsche Fantom Air and Vita X Maserati Tridente, the ABT | Marian M 800-R brings together the best of each company’s contributions in a head-turning marriage of technology, style and design.

None of this comes cheap, though. A limited edition of only twenty M 800-Rs will be manufactured (available in anthracite and white) with a price tag of €450,000 ($490,000). After being first presented at Monaco Formula E race in late April, an ABT | Marian ‘roadshow’ is in the works. Details will be available on each company’s website. (links below)

ABT | Marian M 800 R Specifications

  Metric Imperial Nautical
Length LOA 7,90m 25.9 ft  
Width 2,5m 8.2 ft  
Draft 0,65 26 in  
Continuous Power 250 kW 340 hp  
Peak Power (ABT Mode) 400 kW 610 hp  
Battery Capacity 120 kWh    
Charging Power 150 kW    
Top Speed 85 km/h 53 mph 46 kt
Cruising Speed 30 km/h 19 mph 16 kt
Range Cruising Speed 80 km 50 mi 43 nm

Marian Boats  ABT Sportsline (Marine)


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