New Oceanvolt ServoProp most powerful hydrogeneration on the market

The patented and award winning Oceanvolt ServoProp saildrive now offers the most powerful hydrogeneration of any electric motor on the market with the new HighPower ServoProp 25.

Hydrogeneration – also referred to as regeneration or regen – is the unique ability of electric motors to generate electricity and recharge the battery as the boat moves through the water. Not all electric motors have this capability, those that do are used on sailboats – the hydrogeneration happens when the boat is sailing under wind power.

Oceanvolt is recognized as one of the leaders and pioneers in hydrogenerating motors, with their  original ServoProp innovation winning the DAME Design Awards at METSTRADE in 2016. The Oceanvolt ServoProp has since been adopted by hundreds of high profile yachts around the world.

Two and a half times hydrogeneration power

The big innovation of the ServoProp is in their propellers. Their combination of controllable pitch with the ability to rotate 360 degrees enable ultimate efficiency in both propulsion and electricity generation. This gives a significant advantage over traditional folding prop setups.

hydrogeneration chart showing capabilities of ServoProp 25, ServoProp 15 and SD 15

As you can see from the chart, the new HighPower ServoProp 25 can generate 5kW of power at a speed of 10 knots – which is two and a half times the amount generated by the ServoProp 15 kW motor at the same speed. The company says future remote software updates are expected to increase the yield and efficiency of the regeneration. (The third line on the chart is the generation ability of the Oceanvolt SD15 which has a 15kW motor but with standard folding propellers.)

First electric propulsion X-Yacht powered by Oceanvolt

This regen feature is activated from the Oceanvolt display in the cockpit. With the touch of a button the system switches to regeneration mode, displaying the generated power, RPM and time remaining until the batteries are fully charged.

Compact, lightweight

Saildrives are traditionally mounted with the propeller facing backwards because they have to allow space for folding propellers and large diesel engines. The compact electric HPSP has the flexibility to be installed with the propeller facing forwards or backwards. Oceanvolt recommends mounting the leg (lower unit) of the HPSP with the propeller forward to achieve maximum efficiency of both hydrogeneration and propulsion.

Compared to a fossil fuel combustion motor, the HPSP has other benefits beyond the lack of carbon emissions and noxious fumes. The motor controller, propeller blade control, and complete liquid cooling are built into the Oceanvolt unit so it can be installed with only a few cables to connect.

There are no exhaust or fuel systems to install or accommodate and overall risk, drag and failure points are reduced because there is no need for additional seawater inlets or outlets.

First deliveries Q4 /2023

The nominal power of the HPSP is 25 kW, with peak power of 30kW for periods up to 15 minutes. Oceanvolt says the ICE equivalent is 75 horsepower, but the electric motor provides superior instant torque and with nearly 5000 newton static thrust in both forward and reverse, it makes for excellent control of the boat even in harsh conditions.

All Oceanvolt systems are safe 48 Volts, including their modular AXC inboard motors and SD saildrives with standard props.

The company recently completed an oversubscribed crowdfunding round of €1.46M and noted at the time that the HighPower ServoProp would be an investment priority, along with expanding the dealer network.

Deliveries for the HSPS-25 start in the fourth quarter of 2023. The motor is suitable as a propulsion motor for boats up to 70 ft in length and weighing up to 25 tons. It can also be used as a hydrogenerator alone in substantially larger vessels. The first vessel to feature the HPSP will be the X-Yachts Xc 47 launching in 2024.



Peak power 30 kW (15 min)
Nominal power 25 kW
Equivalent HP 75 HP
Propeller diameter 23 inches / .58m
Weight (motor, saildrive and propeller) 190 kg /
Unit dimensions (incl. motor and saildrive) H: 1101 mm /43.3″ • W: 400 / 15.75″ mm • D: 853 mm / 33.6″
Boat Length up to 21 m (70 ft)
Boat Weight up to 25 000 kg (27.5 US Tons)
Cooling Liquid
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