New Torqeedo headquarters under construction

Ground has been broken on new Torqeedo headquarters and an accompanying warehouse and production facility that will be built in Munich’s Air Tech Campus Oberpfaffenhofen (ATC), where the company has had operations since 2012.

Torqeedo is the only marine company in the campus, which was built, along with its airport, in 1936. The first prototype of a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) jet was unveiled there in 1959 and it is now home to a unique network of aviation, aerospace and mobility companies – everything from multinationals to startups – who employ about 8,000 people in total.

Among those companies are amphibious aircraft manufacturer Dornier Seawings and electric aircraft pioneers Lilium. For Torqeedo’s work as a developer and manufacturer of complete marine electromobility solutions, ATC is the perfect environment.

shell of new Torqeedo headquarters building“Staying on at the ATC allows us to deepen our relationships with climate-friendly mobility companies like Lilium and Dornier,” said Dr. Ralf Plieninger, Managing Director of Torqeedo. “There are many possibilities for cooperation on projects like lithium-ion battery technology, electric motor development and advanced composite manufacturing. We also have room for the growth we have planned.”

New Torqeedo headquarters offer plenty of space

The new facilities will have over 8,000 square metres / 91,000 square feet of space, including 4,800 m2 / 51,000 sq ft of warehouse, production, and research and development area. The rest will be a mix of co-working spaces and on-site offices.

That will allow the company to consolidate its three current manufacturing locations into one, increasing capacity by enabling personnel to move between production lines. It also enables easier personal contact and cooperation among various departments.

“Staying in our current campus while expanding our facilities is the best of all worlds.” said Torqeedo’s Managing Director Dr. Michael Rummel. “We’re incredibly pleased to be able to remain a part of the Air Tech Campus where we have excellent infrastructure and proximity to many forward-thinking companies and organizations.”

Electric marine propulsion ready for the future

These expanded facilities and proximity to some of the most advanced companies in electric mobility are an indication of how electric boats and boating are becoming increasingly important in the mix of new transportation technologies.

Original Torqeedo headquarters - a boathouse on Lake StarnbergTorqeedo was literally started in a boathouse in 2004 when Christoph Ballin and Dr. Friedrich G. Böbelon looked at an old electric boat motor that came along with the weekend home Ballin had purchased on a ‘no fossil fuels’ lake in Germany. They decided they could build a better motor and set out to provide boat owners with a viable alternative to burning hydrocarbons and spitting emissions into the air.

After its first small electric outboard came on the market in 2006 Torqeedo racked up sales growth of 35% per year and was purchased by internal combustion manufacturer Deutz in 2017 as the keystone in its e-mobility ventures. Last year Torqeedo delivered its 100,000th electric boat motor and its outboards, sailpods and inboard systems are now propelling everything from kayaks to speedboats like the hydrofoiling Candela 7.0 to a fleet of electric water taxis in Bangkok.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Torqeedo headquarters was attended by Bavaria’s State Minister for Housing, Construction and Transport, Ms. Kerstin Schreyer. She said, “I’m very pleased that the world market leader in electric motors for boats is investing in their new headquarters and production facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen. Innovative and eco-friendly technologies are crucial to achieving our ambitious climate targets in Europe. This holds true for all modes of transport. The ATC offers a great ecosystem for technology leaders like Torqeedo. Let’s work together on the future of mobility!”


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