New Torqeedo Travel 603 model added to line up

This new Torqeedo adds a lighter, more affordable option to the Travel line of motors.

Designed for boats up to one ton – including small racing sailboats, tenders and light freshwater fishing boats – the .6kW / 2-horsepower-equivalent Travel 603 weighs in at only 15.5 kg (34 lbs) complete, that’s including the 500Wh lithium-ion battery. The listed price on Torqeedo’s US site is $1,999.

The company’s range of electric outboards is divided into four lines: Ultralight, Travel, Cruise and Deep Blue. The new Torqeedo is the lightest of the Travel line, which also includes the 1000 C (1.0kW) and best selling 1103 C (1.1kW). While the Ultralight line has rigging apparatus specifically designed for fishing kayaks and other light craft, the Travel 603 is a standard outboard configuration with tiller and throttle.

New Torqeedo lighter, more affordable

“Our goal in introducing the Travel 603 is to make it easier for boaters to discover the unique benefits of clean, green electric propulsion for smaller craft.” said Dr Ralf Plieninger, Torqeedo’s managing director. “There’s nothing quite like the experience of gliding silently through the water with no odours or exhaust fumes.”

Founded in 2005, Torqeedo has been instrumental in popularizing electric boat propulsion over the past decade and a half and last year marked the delivery of its 100,000th electric boat motor. Their technology is now found on everything from thousands of small recreational power and sail boats to the hydrofoiling Candela 7 to all-electric cabin cruisers like the Greenline 39 and Bangkok’s new passenger ferries.

The integrated battery of the Travel 603 is rated at 500Wh (watt hours) and provides up to 5 ½ hours of cruising at slow speeds. Extra packs can be purchased for quick and easy swapping out with a fully charged spare to extend operating range. The batteries float – just in case! – and the system is completely waterproof, certified IP67.

The batteries are individually welded, cylindrical steel safety cells and are equipped with multiple safety mechanisms as part of Torqeedo’s proprietary 5-stage safety system.

Includes battery monitor, GPS, app available

An onboard computer with GPS is built into the Travel motor, providing instant readouts of operating range at current RPMs, battery charge status and other critical safety information. All vital information can also be viewed on Torqeedo’s TorqTrac app available for Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Compact travel bags for new Torqeedo 603The Travel 603 ships with a plug-in charger, it can be charged directly from a boat’s 12 or 24-volt supply, and there is also a built in solar charge controller. There are a variety of Travel accessories available, like travel  bags – (one fits the motor, tiller and accessories and one fits the battery), a weedless propeller and remote throttle option, and an extended warranty protection.

The new Torqeedo Travel 603 was first teased last November when the company introduced a variety of new products to look for in 2021. At that time they also announced the first of their collaborations with ZF saildrive systems, matching them up with the Torqeedo’s 50kW (65HP) and 100 kW (130HP) Deep Blue motors designed for high performance sailing up to 30 knots.

The other product is a complete control system and communications interface – TorqLink – that allows a convenient and easy setup of motor, batteries and throttle integration. It was initially developed for the Deep Blue line and is now available for Cruise 10.0 motors.

As interest in electric boats continues to grow, Torqeedo also announced it is expanding its network of direct distribution offices to include Norway, which will join Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand and the United States.

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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2 thoughts on “New Torqeedo Travel 603 model added to line up

  • March 23, 2021 at 7:54 am

    “…that’s including the 500kWh lithium-ion battery.”. Wow, incredible power density for a 34 lb, 2HP electric dinghy outboard. Are you sure you don’t mean 500 Wh instead?

    • March 23, 2021 at 7:55 am

      Oops!!! Yes, sorry! Corrected!!


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