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Qualifying Criteria for Gustave Trouvé Awards 2021

The spirit of the Gustave Trouvé Awards is to recognize achievement and excellence in electric boats – boats with non fossil-fuel propulsion – and to promote zero emission motor technology.


Electric Boats Under 8 metres / 26 feet 3 inches) (includes 8m)
Electric Boats Over 8 metres (includes 8m/ 26′ 3″)
Commercial Passenger Electric Boats

New Category:

Customized / DIY Electric Boat

REVISION June 8: New Category:

Electric Sailboats

Criteria for Production Boats Categories

Main propulsion must be electric

Can include other non fossil fuel propulsion methods as secondary propulsion (i.e. sail)

Fossil fuel propulsion as secondary propulsion does not meet criteria:
a hybrid boat that uses fossil fuel for propulsion does not meet the criteria
UNLESS it is offered for sale to the public in an all-electric version

At least one production model sold

Commercial Passenger Electric Boats must have at least one vessel in operation

Only one model per Category per Manufacturer

Previous Gussies Winners not eligible for 2021 Awards

REVISION, June 1, 2021:

Awards have been added for boats in the design/pre-production phase.

Criteria for DIY /Customized Electric Boat

‘One-off’ boats that have been specifically built or re/retrofitted for electric propulsion
Production boats fitted to the owner’s desires are Production Boats

Main propulsion must be electric

No fossil fuel propulsion or generation

Only one boat per Owner

Criteria for DIY /Customized Electric Boat

Main propulsion wind/sail

Secondary propulsion all electric


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