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Thank you for your interest in The Gussies 2022, the third annual Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating.

Anyone can nominate a boat – and there is no charge. It can be a boat from your company or from any company, designer or manufacturer.

Please read over the information below and fill out the information to nominate a boat.

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Electric Boats Under 8 metres / 26 feet 3 inches (includes 8m / 26′ 3″)
Divisions: In Production  •  In Development

Electric Boats Over 8 metres

Divisions: In Production  •  In Development

Commercial Passenger Electric Boats
Divisions: In Production  •  In Development

Electric Sailboats

Customized / DIY Electric Boat

New Category for 2022:

Electric Workboats


The spirit of the Gustave Trouvé Awards is to recognize achievement and excellence in electric boats – boats with non fossil-fuel propulsion – and to promote zero emission motor technology.

Criteria for Production Boats Categories:

Electric Boats Under 8 metres / 26 feet 3 inches
Electric Boats Over 8 metres / 26 feet 3 inches
Commercial Passenger Electric Boats
Electric Workboats

  • Main propulsion must be electric
  • Can include other non fossil fuel propulsion methods as secondary propulsion (i.e. sail)
  • Fossil fuel propulsion as secondary propulsion does not meet criteria:
    a hybrid boat that uses fossil fuel for propulsion does not meet the criteria
    UNLESS it is offered for sale to the public in an all-electric version
  • At least one production model sold by August 25, 2022
  • Commercial Passenger Electric Boats must have at least one vessel in operation
  • Only one model per Category per Manufacturer
  • Previous Gussies Winners not eligible for 2021 Awards

Clarification of Commercial Passenger Electric Boats

This category is to award electric boats that have been designed specifically to take paying passengers from one location to another such as ferries and watertaxis. Boats designed for recreational use that may be used as tenders should be nominated in the appropriate length category above, as should boats that are designed for recreational use but are in use for rental or charter purposes.

The general criteria for Production Boats apply to this category.

Criteria for DIY /Customized Electric Boat

  • ‘One-off’ boats that have been specifically built or re/retrofitted for electric propulsion. Production boats customized, altered or fitted to the purchasing client’s desires are Production Boats.
  • Main propulsion must be electric
  • No fossil fuel propulsion or generation

Criteria for Electric Sailboats

  • Main propulsion wind/sail
  • Secondary propulsion all electric
  • Sailing boats with an all-electric drive train that use fossil fuel to generate electricity but not to propel the boat are eligible

All set on the criteria?
Great! Fill in the information below to nominate a boat in The Gustave Trouvé Awards

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Electric Boats Under 8m / 26ft - In Production
Electric Boats Under 8m / 26ft - In Development
Electric Boats Over 8m / 26ft - In Production
Electric Boats Over 8m / 26ft - In Development
Edorado 8S  •  Electric Elegance 38  •  Mayla 44   •  Optima 10  •  Silent Speed 28  •  Soel Senses 62  •  Solar Sal  •  Sovereign Starter   
Commercial Passenger Electric Boats - In Operation
Ampere  •  Ika Rere  •  Indra  •  Q24 Club  •  Soel Shuttle 14
Commercial Passenger Electric Boats - In Development
Electric Sailboats
HopYacht 30  •  Domani S30  •  MotionMe 38  •  SportYacht 
Customized / DIY Electric Boat
Electric Boat Workboats
Astrid Helene  •   Barracuda  •  Cargo 31  •  i-Boat  •   Sea Cleaner 400  •  Sparky
If you can, it would be helpful for you to provide us with a description of the boat, the maximum number of words is 100.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
You can upload your preferred boat image here. The best image is a landscape (horizontal) image. Please contact us if your image is above the maximum file size or you have any questions. (We will still receive all of your other information without the photo.)

Information about the Nominator

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