Oceanvolt Servoprop 25 electric saildrive wins big at DAME Awards

In a breakout year for electric boats and boating at the world’s largest leisure marine equipment show, the Oceanvolt Servoprop 25 electric saildrive took home not one but two DAME Design Awards, receiving top honours in both the Propulsion & Dynamics Category and the coveted Overall DAME Award 2023. Oceanvolt’s Director of Sales Calle Nyman poses with the trophy in the photo above.

This was the 35th anniversary of METSTRADE and the 32nd year of the DAME Awards, whch recognize and reward the importance of design in engaging boat buyers. The Oceanvolt achievement is notable in two ways.

Plugboats Guide to Electric Boat Exhibitors METSTRADE 2023

It was the first time in the history of the awards that ALL of the finalists in the Propulsion & Dynamics category were electric. To be selected from other entries by ePropulsion, FinX, Garmin, Molabo, TEMO, Torqeedo and ZeroJet is something to be extremely proud of. All of these companies are innovating every day to advance electric propulsion.

Selected out of 53 products from 19 countries

Then, to win the Overall Dame Award is another level again. A total of 53 products from 19 countries across four continents were nominated for the DAME Award 2023 competition. The Winners in each category and all nominees can be found on the DAME Awards website.

The Highpower Servoprop 25 (HPSP25) was chosen the best of the best from exceptional products in 8 categories: Electronic & Electrical Systems, Deck Equipment, Personal Equipment, Navigation & Communication, Comfort & Entertainment Afloat, Shoreside Equipment & Materials, and Security & Safety Aboard. 

April 2023: Oceanvolt launches ServoProp 25 – most powerful regen motor

Oveanvolt launched the motor in April. It is the latest and largest iteration of its ServoProp technology (which won a DAME Award in 2017) that enables sailboats to recharge the motor’s batteries when sailing under windpower. That ability is called hydrogeneration, regeneration, or simply ‘regen’.

This year, for the first time, all entrants in all categories of the DAME Awards were required to explain how environmental impact reduction had been considered in the product design. With its outstanding regen capabilities, the ServoProp was recognized as a way to reduce fossil fuel use and emissions.

hydrogeneration chart showing capabilities of Oceanvolt ServoProp 25 electric saildrive, ServoProp 15 and SD 15

The ServoProp 25 is the most powerful regenerating motor available. It can generate 5kW of power at a speed of 10 knots – which is two and a half times the amount generated by the Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 kW motor at the same speed. The company says future remote software updates are expected to increase the yield and efficiency of the regeneration even more. 

ServoProp 25 electric saildrive: What the Jury said

There were several strong electric outboard submissions nominated this year. However, the Jury was this year drawn to a different propulsion application and selected the outstanding HighPower ServoProp 25 from Finnish electric inboard pioneer Oceanvolt to win the Propulsion & Dynamics category – and ultimately claim the overall DAME 2023 Award.

This excellently conceived and engineered 25kW electric saildrive tangibly moves the goalposts for 45-70ft sailboats in terms of providing a reliable and extremely quiet option for electrification. Oceanvolt’s use of its controllable pitch propeller technology ensures maximum efficiency for propulsion and hydrogeneration, with the system able to return up 5kW of power when the yacht is sailing at 10 knots.

Thought has been given to minimizing installation time with an integrated motor controller and liquid cooling system, while the ServoProp 25 operates from a 48V battery pack, keeping it within the safe voltage threshold. The saildrive has been designed to be installed with the propeller facing forwards, for greater efficiency, or backwards. Composite leg construction and the ability to change the saildrive oil from inside the boat without lifting it substantially ease maintenance for blue water yachts destined to spend long times between facilities with cranes.

In summary then this is an exemplar product that pushes the electrification agenda toward more far-reaching horizons. With design effort apparent in every facet, it is the perfect winner of the DAME Award 2023 against a strong field of category winners.

Congratulations to everyone at Oceanvolt!

Oceanvolt DAME Design Awards METSTRADE

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