Plugboats Guide to Electric Boats Exhibitors: Miami International Boat Show 2024

The 2024 Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) starts this Wednesday, and like all boat shows, it has an increasing number of electric boat and boating exhibitors as the public becomes both more aware of, and more curious about electric propulsion, including hybrid and hydrogen technologies.

The show is owned by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and takes place across six locations:  the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC), Pride Park, Herald Plaza, Venetian Marina, Museum Park Marina, and Superyacht Miami at Yacht Haven Grande Miami.

At the bottom of this page is a Directory with links to the websites of companies that are exhibiting in Miami and have electric offerings. Below are some e-boat highlights at the show, which runs from Wednesday to Sunday.

Tohatsu and Ilmor new 6 kW electric outboard

Miami International Boat Show will see premier of this Tohatsu electric outboard on stern of small boatThe biggest electric buzz of the show is bound to be centred around the recent announcement by Tohatsu that they are collaborating with Ilmor on a 6 kW electric outboard. This is just the latest news of major outboard manufacturers joining the electric world: in January alone, Yamaha put in an offer to purchase Torqeedo, Mercury introduced the expansion of their e-outboard line to 5 models (available in 2024) and Honda showed a prototype electric outboard with swappable batteries at Boot Düsseldorf.
Tohatsu: MBCC 1214, Ilmor MBCC 1309

Yanmar new electric saildrive and hybrid

Yanmar is as big a name in saildrives as any of the companies above are in outboards, and there is also news on the electric saildrive front. The company says “Yanmar Marine International (YMI) will demonstrate its commitment to deliver sustainable propulsion solutions for U.S. boaters, showcasing the YANMAR E-sail drive concept via a video display on the stand and highlighting the new YMI Energy Transition Strategy statement, which formalizes ongoing strategy and planning towards decarbonization.”
Yanmar Marine International: MBBC MB 1514

Yamaha’s hydrogen combustion engine

While not electric propulsion (presumably the company will have that covered with Torqeedo), Yamaha is exhibiting a prototype hydrogen-powered outboard motor at MIBS. This is a hydrogen combustion engine, not one fed by the electricity from hydrogen fuel cells. Just like a fossil fuel engine, hydrogen burns in chambers to create explosions that move pistons, but the emission is water. In 2022 Yamaha  worked with Toyota to develop a hydrogen engine for the Lexus RC F sport coupe. It is not clear if that is the precursor to this model, but presumably all will be revealed in Miami.
Yamaha Marine Group MB 2200

ACEL Power

Schematic of ACEL Power electric outboard system with battery packACEL is a Canadian company launching a range of electric outboards and will be showcasing their 50 hp and 75 hp models (≈35kW and 55 kW) in Miami. The outboards are delivered as complete systems with a lithium-ion battery pack and BMS (Battery Management System), digital throttle and monitor/display. The company has applied for 29 patents encompassing safety features, autonomous systems, user experience, powertrain and operating system. They announced at the Toronto Boat Show late January that they have inked a deal with Yacht Solutions to offer ACEL outboards on appropriate Schaefer Yacht models.
ACEL Power: MBCC #EP 13

Flux Marine – 75 kW electric outboard on Highfield SP660 RIB

FLux Marine electric outboard on Highfield RIBRhode Island’s Flux Marine is introducing their latest curated electric boat and motor package, the Highfield SP660 with the 75kW/100 hp Flux outboard. The combination delivers a top speed of over 30mph with cruising range of 30 miles. (50km/h, 50 km). At trolling speed the range can get most people just about anywhere they would want to go on a typical day on the water: 75 miles/120 km.  Charging time, (from 20% to 80%) is about 7.5 hours on AC to get you back out the next day, and about 45 minutes with high speed DC charging.
Highfield Booth: MBCC MB 1244


ePropulsion eLite 1kW electric outboard motorePropulsion launched their new 500W eLite motor at Germany’s Boot Düsseldorf show and it will be making its US debut in Miami. Weighing only 6.7 kg / 14.7 lbs, the eLite is easily transported and has a handy transom bracket with quick release to stow the motor or take it home during the week. Made to hit a sweet price spot for the tender and smaller boating market, the eLite has a sport mode that adds an additional 50% boost in power for challenging conditions or to hit the top speed of 5 miles per hour (8 km/h) for short periods.  Multiple charging options include 110/220V AC, 12V DC and solar with the use of optional ePropulsion converters.
ePropulsion: Pride Park, just outside MMBC.

Mercury electric outboards and Fliteboard e-foils

Flitescooter electric foiling board by FLiteboardMercury used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January to announce and debut the new additions to their electric outboard lineup – the 35e, 75e, and 110e models – and will be showing the new, expanded lineup here in Miami.

Mercury parent company Brunswick has another foot in electric propulsion with their acquisition in September 2023 of Fliteboard, one of the world’s leading e-foil companies. The company promises that Miami will be ‘the biggest launch for Fliteboard since its founding in 2016.’

Dave Foulkes, CEO of Brunswick, says “Fliteboard is a perfect fit for our Next Never Rests mentality. We have an opportunity to scale manufacturing and distribution and, over time, begin aligning sub-systems with our Avator electric outboard product line as we attract a new generation to electric mobility on the water.”
Mercury: MBCC MB 1700

Vision Marine – new rotomolded polyethylene dayboat

Lineup of different coloured rotomolded Phantom boat hulls

Vision Marine Technologies, manufacturers of the E-Motion 180e high power electric outboard as well as a range of electric boat models, is introducing its new Phantom dayboat in Miami. The Phantom is a rotomolded polyethylene hull available in a variety of colours.

So what is rotomolded? The word is a combination of rotation and molding and means that the boat is made by pouring thousands of tiny polyethylene pellets into a mold, then heating and rotating it all– almost like a rotisserie chicken – so that the polyethylene is forced by gravity into every nook and cranny of the mold.

That construction means the Phantom is light (only 600 lbs / ≈275 kg), almost indestructable and unsinkable – and also fully recyclable – up to 9 times! The Phantom is available as a hull alone or powered by ePropulsion motors that provide a range of up to 10 hours at 6 mph (9.5 km.h).

Vision will also have their WIRED 23-R electric pontoon at the show. The 23-R is powered by the E-Motion 180e for plenty of speed and has options for three different battery packs, the largest of which can provide up to 165 miles (265 km) of range at 5 mph (8 km/h).
Vision Marine Technologies: Phantom at the Nautical Ventures Aquazone outside MBCC.
WIRED 23-R Pontoon at Venetian Marina Booth 505

FinX undulating electric outboard motor

FinX electric outboard showing membrane/diaphragm and schematic of pulsingFinX is a French startup that is bringing its revolutionary motor technology to MIBS for the first time. The motor is notable because it has no propellers. It uses a fin-like undulating membrane based on the movement of dolphins to create thrust. The electric motor creates a pulsing movement with the circular diaphragm, which in turn sends out wave energy. Based on industrial and cardiac pumps, the FinX is based on more than 15 years of research and development. The basic FinX outboard has a 72-A 48-V lithium battery that will drive a small boat or a RIB up to a top speed of 7 mph for an hour and 45 minutes. Dial back to 3 mph, and the battery lasts for eight hours.
FinX: MMBC #EP13

Taiga presents Orca Performance jetski with top speed of 62 mph.

Orca electric jetskiTaiga has been a leader in electric jetskis by taking the electric system they developed for snowmobiles and adapting it to personal watercraft. At MIBS they will be showing their Orca, the first mass-produced, 100% electric watercraft. The Performance model can reach a top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) and has been designed to combine that with extreme maneuverability and agility.
Taiga: MBCC #EP 3

Blue Tech Start Up Pitch from Yachting Ventures and Seaworthy Collective

Logos of Seaworthy Collective and Yachting VenturesYachting Ventures introduced its Startup Pitch events last year to great acclaim and they have been held at numerous shows, including the Cannes Yachting Festival, Boot Düsseldorf, Monaco Yacht Show and METSTRADE. In Miami they are partnering with Seaworthy Collective for the first pitch event on US soil.

The event will highlight Blue Tech – technology focussed on ocean sustainability in a variety of forms. Seaworthy Collective is a Miami-based entrepreneur support organization and community with a mission to make make BlueTech accessible and inclusive.

Yachting Ventures CEO Gabbi Richardson says “We’re teaming up with Seaworthy to create a platform for startups with the goal of building connections that can turn into valuable, long-term relationships for the companies and investors involved.”

Greenline 39 and Greenline 48 Fly at Herald Plaza

Greenline 48 Fly electric hybrid yachtGreenline is one of the pioneers of electric/hybrid boating, having sold almost 500 units since 2008 of the groundbreaking Greenline 33, which was not only the first production hybrid boat, but also went on to become the top selling 10 metre boat in the world. They now have a range of 8 models – the only fleet by any boatyard that is available with hybrid or with all-electric propulsion. At Miami they will be showing the Greenline 39 and Greenline 48 Fly, both with the hybrid propulsion option.
Greenline: Herald Plaza, Dock B, HP145

Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Eco 80 yacht with solar panels built into hullSunreef Yachts has witnessed exceptional growth over the past few years, and in 2023 experienced a remarkable 89% increase in the number of units delivered (compared to 2021) and a substantial 40% growth in revenue. The company started out with fossil fuel luxury catamarans but is cementing its position in the realm of responsible yachting with its Eco line that includes the 2022 Gussies Award Winning Eco 80 with ultralight composite-integrated solar panels built into the hull sides, mast, superstructure and bimini roof. At Miami you can see the layouts of the Eco 80 and 70 in the non-eco versions of the Sunreef 80 and Sunreef 70.
Sunreef Yachts: Museum Park Marina FEC SUN80

Windelo – US premier of Windelo 50

Windelo 50 Adventurer silboat with electric hybrid propulsionWindelo’s innovative catamarans, combining recycled and bio-sourced materials, electric motors, and green energy sources (hydrogeneration, solar panels, and wind turbines on option), received a special mention of “Sustainability” from the European Yacht Of The Year 2022. The new Windelo 50 was designed by architects Christophe Barreau and Frédéric Neuman, with the goal of creating a yacht you could live on daily, even when many nautical miles from land. The yacht has 2 X 20 kW electric motors by Bellmarine with hydrogenerating capability backed up by a diesel generator.
Windelo: Museum Park Marina FEC643


Directory of Electric Boat Exhibitors: Miami International Boat Show 2024

Click any tile for company information and links.

Photo of ACEL Power ACEL Power + 604-424-8228

ACEL electric outboard drivetrain

Go electric. Be limitless. Instant acceleration. High torque.

Power up your boat with our cutting-edge electric outboard technology.
Keep power stored for longer with our advanced battery technology.
Feel the vibration when pushing the throttle.
Monitor your entire vessel on your dashboard.
Wireless key control for a seamless and effortless boating experience.
Prominent and easily readable charging screen display

ACEL Electric Outboards Now available in 50HP & 75HP

If you are a distributor or a dealership interested in working with us please contact us.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Photo of awake awake +46 (0) 877 77 270

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision. Awake’s electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience.

Photo of Axopar Axopar

Axopar has joined forces with Evoy motors to produce Evoy electric version of their Axopar 25. Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner of Axopar, says “Our partnership with Evoy is a perfect example of two great companies, on a joint mission, to expand the boating community and offer new ways of mobility for the future.”

Photo of Battle Born Batteries Battle Born Batteries

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Batteries

The highest quality lithium iron phosphate technology, the fairest price on the market.

Photo of Beneteau Beneteau

Beneteau First 44 with electric propulsionBeneteau has been a pioneer for recreational boating from the outset. With its world-leading ranges and iconic products, nearly 45 models offer diverse, high-performance capabilities.

With one single idea in mind: innovating in terms of both boats and processes to enable as many people as possible to realize their dreams, making the avant-garde accessible.

At Cannes Yachting Festival of 2021 Beneteau announced its first entries into electric boating, with Jérôme de Metz, Groupe Beneteau Chairman and CEO, saying “There are new expectations and user habits, new ways of travelling and latest technologies: a new world of pleasure boating and marine leisure is coming into view on the horizon, and all of us throughout Groupe Beneteau are positioning ourselves to be the leading players in this new world.”

Photo of Candela Candela +46 (70) 513 65 89

Candela electric hydrofoiling speedboat and ferry

Hydrofoiling electric boats and ferries, made in Sweden.

Transforming transport on the water with technology; enabling electrification and vastly improving performance vs. combustion engines.

Our ultimate purpose is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans by re-thinking efficiency in marine transportation to radically push the performance boundaries of electric boats and ships.

At Candela, we care about doing something good for the planet and all its species. Coming from 20 different nations, we share a conviction that kindness combined with deep knowledge in science, has revolutionary power.

Location: Lidingö, Sweden

Photo of Chris-Craft Chris-Craft

Charting a revolutionary new course.

Quiet, efficient, and powerful, the Launch 25 GTe is an all-electric, zero-emissions concept boat that lets you hear more of what really matters, while still enjoying the legendary performance of a Chris-Craft.


Photo of De Antonio Yachts De Antonio Yachts +34 93 467 60 36

De Antonio Yachts e-23 electric boatThe most advanced technologies are used for the design, engineering, and construction in De Antonio Yachts, as well as an international team of specialists in each area. That is why the latest solutions, the highly demanded features, and the trendiest design has caused a notorious impact in the boat industry and brought De Antonio Yachts as one of the leaders in the day boat market.

The E23 is the brand’s first 100% electric boat, the beginning of a new era. An innovative model, which concept is based on maximum efficiency. Its compact proportions with a catamaran architecture integrates a foil between its hulls, giving it unique emission-free sailing performance in its segment while offering a practical and comfortable space on deck, with a careful design all throughout details and finishes. A model that combines cutting-edge technology and design

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Photo of Dufour Yachts Dufour Yachts

The Dufour range of sailing boats comprises 9 iconic models designed to suit every sailing programme. Three are available with electric propulsion – Dufour 41, 470, 530., with four available . For over 60 years, Dufour yachts has a boat manufacturer have demonstrated their adaptability and versatility through beautiful innovations.

Photo of e-Motion Hybrid e-Motion Hybrid

e-Motion is the only supplier of standardized hybrid propulsion systems that fit into the existing engine room of all serial production yachts from 40-250 feet.

Photo of Epoch Batteries Epoch Batteries 1-888-501-1846

Advanced Lithium Battery Systems

Photo of ePropulsion ePropulsion Use web contact page

ePropulsion electric boat motorsElectric boat motor for sailboats
ePropulsion electric outboards enable one-design sailboats to leave and return to the marina quick, silent and maneuverable.  The hydrogenation and solar charging also allow sailors to travel further and sail sustainably.

Electric outboards for fishing boatsIdeal for both freshwater and saltwater, ePropulsion electric outboard motors are perfect for jon boats, aluminum fishing boats, bass boats and fishing pontoons.

Electric outboards for work boats
The electric outboard motor has a simple motor structure with much fewer components than gas engines. The quiet and exhaust-free experience also makes passengers comfortable onboard.

Electric outboards for dinghy and tenders
Our electric outboard motors make your boat trips comfortable, quiet and exhaust-free. Our maintenance-free designs save you time, money, and headaches.



Photo of EVOA E1 EVOA E1

EVOA electric axial flux motor

EVOA Propulsion is an industry leader in advanced marine propulsion. We are a performance driven brand that was born from Formula E technology combined with decades of marine industry experience. Our E1 system delivers an unprecedented on-water experience that is quiet and powerful all while prioritizing environmental stewardship.



Photo of Excess Catamarans Excess Catamarans

Excess introduces at the Cannes Yachting Festival the first hybrid Excess 15 equipped with Torqeedo’s flagship Deep Blue Hybrid system. With such an innovative project managed through the “Excess Lab”, Excess is taking a distinctive first step within the catamaran market towards more sustainability.

Photo of Faroboats Faroboats

Luxury can be green

The Faro5 Solar Set is the first fully autonomous, 100% sustainable boating solution that combines the unique elegance of the Faro5 Runabout with a custom designed, Solar Charging Dock, complete with integrated raising winch.

The outstanding properties of the rare Cryptomeria wood enveloping its deck are but one example of how sophistication, elegance and premium materials can still embrace the planet.

Faro Powerdock ®.
This Solar-Charging, floating Powerdock® not only charges the 6kW Faro5 in less than three hours, but it can also raise it completely out of the water to keep its hull dry and free of any fouling.

Lisbon, Portugal

Photo of FinX FinX

Photo of flite flite +61 1300 003 5483

The Fliteboard™ eFoil gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

Photo of Flux Marine Flux Marine

Flux Marine outboards for sale

Flux Marine is advancing electric marine propulsion technology to deliver the world’s best boating experiences. The company develops electric outboard motors and battery systems which deliver power and reliability while eliminating the pollution that plagues gasoline and diesel-powered engines. Flux Marine’s patent-pending designs leverage the latest in solid-state components and battery technology to deliver zero-emissions performance without sacrifice.

Standalone Outboards and Boat/Outboard Packages Available

Photo of Fountaine-Pajot Fountaine-Pajot

Fountaine Pajot is working on the deployment of electric motors for its sailing catamarans. This project should see the light of day in 2022 with the installation of electric motors on the Aura 51, the new 51-foot catamaran designed by Fountaine Pajot.

Photo of Four Winns Four Winns

The Four Winns H2e is the first, all-electric, series production bowrider on the market. This industry-leading move clearly positions Four Winns as an innovative pioneer with a clear focus on the refined customer experience.

“Just imagine jumping aboard your H2e, fully-charged and ready to go, from your trailer or private dock. No noise, no exhaust, no refueling, no hassle… just a rewarding day on the water,”
– Nick Harvey, Four Winns Brand Director.

Photo of Frauscher Frauscher +43 7612 636550

Electric boat from FrauscherTradition creates future.
Frauscher has stood for tradition and quality since 1927. For three generations now, we have been building yachts that inspire boating professionals and enthusiasts all over the world.

The virtuosic design, impressive performance and excellent quality are a joy to all adventurous spirits.

Our award-winning boats are sold in over 14 different countries across all continents of the world. Motor, electric and sailing yachts for both head and heart.

Location: Oberosterreich, Austria

Photo of Garmin Garmin

The Garmin Force trolling motor has the power to move you from spot to spot more quickly and stand up better to winds and currents — and it’s still whisper quiet. The high-efficiency brushless motor operates at either 36 V or 24 V. When running at 24 V, it delivers comparable thrust to our competitors’ 36-V motors.

Photo of Greenline Yachts Greenline Yachts +386 4 572 77 34

With the introduction of the first hybrid boat in 2008, Greenline revolutionized the boating industry and ever since then the brand has been a synonym for constant innovation in boat building and design.

Our vision is to continuously shape the future of responsible boating by being the most innovative and responsible boat brand in the world.

Location: Begunje, Slovenia
Dealers located Worldwide

Photo of Hercules Electric Marine Hercules Electric Marine

We are a producer of an electric drive system that is revolutionary in its approach. More horsepower, more efficiency, more control and more pleasure out of your boating experience.

Photo of Highfield Boats Highfield Boats

With 27,000 boats delivered globally since the brand’s beginning in 2011, Highfield Boats is now the world’s number one in the RIB Tender sector and a global player in the 15 foot+ sector.

Photo of Ilmor Ilmor

A Glimpse of what the Future has in Store.
Representing the pinnacle of style and performance, the ION is a 6kW electric outboard motor designed to provide a smooth and quiet performance during your excursion. Packed with features not typically found on similar-sized motors, the ION pushes boundaries and offers the most integrated electric outboard available today. Stay tuned for further updates.

Photo of Ingenity Electric Ingenity Electric

Ingenity 23 Electric Dayboat

We Advance Boating to a Sustainable Future

At Ingenity, we believe in creating a better tomorrow today for our customers and for the world around us. We bring environmentally conscious solutions to the most demanding boating applications so customers don’t have to compromise experience to stay true to their values.

Orlando, FLA
United States

Photo of Mercury Mercury 920-929-5040

Imagine. Boating – pure, simple, perfect. The Mercury Marine® Avator™ electric outboard concept explores boating at its essence. The Avator electric outboard concept from Mercury. A new way to Go Boldly.

Photo of Nautical Ventures Nautical Ventures 954-908-6063

Nautical Ventures is your official Electric Boat headquarters for Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We can help you navigate the ins and outs of pairing the right electric motor to your electric boat. We’ve been helping boaters in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach stay on the water with trouble-free enjoyment for over 30 years.

Photo of Nimbus Nimbus

Electric boating since 2009

Our corporate policy is to take great pains over building boats that enhance the relationship between boats, people and the environment. We have a vision; the increased freedom of people to move at will across the sea shall not be achieved at the expense of the environment.

We started our electric ambition already in 2009 and have had an electric powertrain as an option for three of our boat models since 2015.

Our E-power Concept, also known as “Environmental Power”, represents Nimbus environmental thinking for the future, in which we include the entire boat-building process from production engineering to climate-smart materials.

Photo of Sunreef Eco Sunreef Eco

The Sunreef Yachts Eco are pioneering crafts leading the way in responsible boating by offering unique technology.

With a 360° approach to eco cruising, they offer cutting-edge electric propulsion, naturally-sourced sustainable materials, smart energy management and new technologies including a patent-pending solar skin produced in-house.

Photo of Taiga Taiga

No fuel   No maintenance   Easy charging    Up to 2 hours of riding

Photo of Tohatsu Tohatsu
Photo of Vetus Vetus +31(0)884 884 700

Peace and quiet on the water with only the sound of the waves. With the new E-LINE from VETUS you can enjoy nature at its best.  Think of the noise level of a sailing boat with the manoeuvrability of a motorboat.

The E-LINE from VETUS is compact, complete, highly efficient, plug & play and suitable for both new builds and re-powering. The E-LINE drive works with the V-CAN bus system and meets all current and future emission requirements.


Photo of Vision Marine Technologies Vision Marine Technologies

The E-Motion™ 180E Powertrain is redefining marine propulsion

High-tech marine-designed motor, equipped with multisensor captors and independent cooling, providing the 180 horsepower.

Easy Charging Anywhere, Anytime
Onboard Charging System allows for quick and easy charging from any shore outlet, in or out of the water.

A purpose marine designed powertrain unique in the industry with high quality standards.

More than a powerful electric outboard, The 180E is a complete powertrain package
Discover the cutting edge of the E-Motion Technology

Boisbriand, Quebec

Photo of Volvo Penta Volvo Penta

At Volvo Penta we’re unique innovators and also a proud part of the Volvo Group – benefiting from the knowledge, experience and strength of the global network. From propulsion systems to drivelines, user interfaces and support, everything is designed, developed and manufactured together. It’s integration for harmonious usability and ownership – on and off the water.

Photo of Windelo Windelo

Due to its innovative catamarans, combining recycled and bio-sourced materials, electrics engines and green energies sources Windelo received the special mentioning “sustainability” from the European Yacht Of The Year 2022!

Photo of Yamaha Yamaha

Yamaha Motor to Begin Pre-orders of Next-Generation Boat Maneuvering System HARMO in Europe ― More comfortable, smart package boat with electric motor quietness

Photo of Zodiac-Nautic Zodiac-Nautic

Zodiac Nautic e-Open electric powered RIBBreathe…
Now imagine the pleasure of a family trip to a remote cove, the intense sensations of water skiing, the thrill of diving with friends, the joy of fishing… All those pleasures are yours with a Zodiac boat!

We share your pleasure and passion
for navigation and exploration. With a Zodiac boat you have a steadfast companion by your side while navigating seas all around the world. We will be there to escort you safely, whether you are an expert captain or if it’s your first time on the water.

Present in more than 50 countries around the world,
Zodiac Nautic and its 1,600 dealers will put their expertise at your service. Join the Zodiac Nautic community, a brand that has already impressed more than a million customers.

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