Q Yachts Club 24: new electric boat for boat clubs, rentals

Q Yachts, one of the pioneers of electric boating, has just delivered the first Club Boat 24, an electric cruiser designed specifically for the growing number of boat sharing clubs and rental services. It has been delivered to international boat sharing service Skipperi for their subscribers in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Q Yachts was founded in Helsinki in 2016 by Janne Kjellman, who is also the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit behind Oceanvolt electric motors, recognized as leaders in regenerating technologies, particularly their ServoProp saildrive.

A keen sailor, Kjellman started Oceanvolt almost two decades ago, in 2004, to develop a silent and sustainable propulsion system for boats. The original and still main market for their products is sailboats. Q Yachts was conceived with the vision of bringing an electric motorboat to the market that offers the same experience of speed and silence experienced on a performance sailing yacht.

Q Yachts founded in 2016

The Q Yachts flagship model is the Q30, an 8 passenger e-boat introduced in 2018 and known for its clean, minimalist aesthetic and spacious below deck cabin.

The Club Boat 24 extends that design philosophy and translates it for the growing market of people who love a day on the water with friends but are not interested in the hassles of docking fees, insurance, maintenance and the other necessary inconveniences of boat ownership.

Q Yachts Club Boat 24 with 4 passengersThe electric silence of the Club Boat 24 is perfect for that audience. The 7.2 meter cruiser has plenty of room for up to 6 passengers to dine, have a drink and converse on board without shouting above the noise of a fossil fuel engine. In addition to being able to appreciate the sounds of nature, they can also enjoy fresh air untainted by noxious exhaust fumes.

With a cruising speed of 6 knots the Club Boat 24 has a range of 78 nautical miles and can be charged at standard dock charging pillars. The whole Club Boat 24 experience brings the user friendly advantages of boat sharing/rental to a whole new level, especially with growing concern about climate change. (Not to mention rising fuel prices!)

Skipperi is also based in Finland and now has a fleet of 340+ boats Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Bronby (Denmark), Auckland and Toronto. Their goal is to “make boating easy so you can focus on the best parts.”

Johan Uunila, CEO of Q Yachts, says “The Club collection creates a great potential for Q Yachts in an internationally growing market. The advanced technology and investment in design strengthens our competitive advantage, and gives us an excellent opportunity to become the electric boat brand of choice for innovative services making boating more accessible and sustainable.”

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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