The Plugboats Marketplace Listings are for electric or electric/hybrid boats and motors only. (There are lots of other places where you can sell fossil fuel boats!)


Boats: Listing period – 12 weeks   Cost: $US 50.00
Motors: Listing period – 12 weeks   Cost: $US 25.00

Listings can be edited at any time during the 12 week period, or a different item substituted, EXCEPTING THAT Boats listings can not be changed to Motors listings and Motors listings can not be changed to Boats listings.

Payment for listings by PayPal or Credit Card when submitting your listing.

IMPORTANT: If you are registering as a company

ONLY FILL IN the ‘Username’ field for identification. This will be the way your company name will appear on all listings.
DO NOT fill in the First Name or Last Name fields.
Usernames cannot be changed.

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