Silent-Yachts: new ownership, new 3-deck solar catamaran

Solar electric catamaran pioneer Silent-Yachts is launching a new model, the Silent 62 3-Deck, the first under a new ownership team led by American-German investor Michael Said, a Silent-Yachts client himself.

Majority owner Said acquired the assets of Silent-Yachts, including the intellectual property and the shipyard Silent Italia in Fano, through his acquisition vehicle Helios Yacht Investments GmbH.

Silent-Yachts 62 3-Deck a proud moment

The company, founded in 2009, has recently been under financial pressures. Said’s intervention ensures that funding is available to preserve 140 jobs and continue progress on existing orders for the Silent 62 and others. 

New Chief Executive Officer Fabrizio Iarrera said “The launch of our first Silent 62 3-Deck is a proud moment as we continue to innovate and expand the Silent range.It is also proof positive that the brand continues to operate normally and is focused on delivering boats to clients.”

Silent-Yachts 62 3-Deck open format

The Silent 62 3-Deck brings together the best of the company’s bestselling Silent 60 with the superyacht flair of the top-of-the-range Silent 80 3-Deck. It is 2 feet (0.60m) longer than the 60 and replaces the usual flybridge with the third deck.

The deck is available in three different versions: an open sky lounge, a closed sky lounge, and a closed owner’s suite variation. All versions are available with a “front exit” on the main deck, which allows guests to directly step onto the foredeck from the main saloon.

With 5+1 guest cabins and 6 bathrooms the yacht can sleep up to 12 guests in quiet comfort.

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The Silent 62 3-Deck has the same  drivetrain as the two flybridge Silent 62 catamarans launched at the end of last year: twin 180 kW continuous / 340 kW peak electric motors (245 hp /460 hp peak ) powered by 286 kiloWatt hour (kWh) lithium-ion battery packs.

It implements the latest liquid cooled batteries, with higher energy density, greater capacity and optimized thermal management that enables faster charging rates.

Classified as CE ‘A’ with Trans Ocean range, the luxury cat has a 16.8 kWp (kiloWatt hour peak) solar array that can generate approximately 100 kWh per day and a 100 kWh fossil fuel generator that can be used to extend range when necessary on long journeys.

Seven yachts scheduled for completion

The new ownership and management team, supported by a board of shareholders and vice chairman Steve Bell, have seven Silent 62 3-Decks scheduled for completion this year. There are also plans to develop a new facility at the Fano yard that can accommodate the wider beam of the Silent 80.

Silent-Yachts new ownership team photos: Michael Said, Fabrizio Iarrera and Steve Bell
New Silent-Yachts ownership team (L-R) Michael Said, Fabrizio Iarrera, Steve Bell

Silent-Yachts founder Michael Köhler will keep a 10 per cent stake in the firm and is set to take on the role of brand ambassador. He and his wife Heike started to develop the Silent-Yachts concept in 2004 and spent five years sailing, testing and researching to develop the revolutionary idea of a solar-powered ocean-going yacht.

“Michael has 20 years of experience in developing solar-electric yacht technology and the management team is pleased to have his experience available to them,” CEO Iarrera told SuperyachtNews. “Now, the growth strategy is to streamline manufacturing and organizational processes in our Fano shipyard to make us more efficient and allow us to increase production as our demand increases.”

As creator of the world’s first series produced, solar-powered electric yachts, Silent-Yachts has sold more than 50 solar catamarans around the world. The Silent 60 was the winner of the 2021 Gustave Trouvé Electric Boat Awards in the Over 8m / 26 ft category and the Silent 120 Explorer won in 2022 in the Concept/In Development category.

A seasoned and well-known figure in the Italian yachting sector, Ferrara is excited about the company’s future.  “Silent-Yachts is known for its innovative technology in electric catamarans,” he said “and continues to be committed to pushing boundaries in the industry.”


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