Solar yacht co-winner in OCEAN Awards 2019!

The beautiful and innovative Silent 64 by Silent Yachts was introduced to the world in January, 2018, after 15 years of research and development by Michael and Heike Köhler

On May 9, 2019 it was announced as the co-winner of the Innovation category of the OCEAN Awards, presented by BOAT International Magazine and the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing. This follows swiftly on the heels of receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ citation at the Motor Boat and Yachting Awards just two days ago.

The Silent 64 is a 1.94 metre ocean-going catamaran that is completely emissions-free. As the jury noted in its presentation, “even sailing yachts tend to rely to some extent on diesel or gasoline engines and onboard generators. The Silent 64 proves that eco-credentials are no barrier to luxury and stands to shake up the way superyachts are powered, much like electric cars are disrupting the automotive industry.

We wrote about the Silent 64 back in February, so we won’t get into all the details again, just click on the story below to see the original story and get a glimpse of the luxe lifestyle that its creators have fashioned. (If the story does not appear in your browser, »»click here to go to the story)

You’ll also find links there for information on how to charter this magnificent vessel, or participate in a time-share type investment.

Congratulations to everyone at Silent Yachts, especially founders Michael and Heike Köhler!

The full list of winners of the OCEAN Awards can be found on the BOAT International website.

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