Torqeedo more than doubles warranty to 5 years on Travel electric outboards

Torqeedo announced today that it is introducing a new, industry-leading warranty that more than doubles the existing warranty from two (2) to five (5) years on the Torqeedo Travel motors.

“Since their launch in 2005, Torqeedo’s Travel motors have transformed boating by delivering superior technology, revolutionary benefits, and environmental responsibility,” Torqeedo CEO Fabian Bez said. “But even more importantly, they are incredibly reliable. That’s why we’re now offering a five-year manufacturer warranty on all new Travel motors.”

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“Longer warranties provide peace of mind that Travel motors withstand the marine environment with superior longevity and allow more boaters to experience the joy of cleaner, quieter, emission-free time on the water with their family and friends,” said Bez.

The Travel 603 is a 600 watt (.6kW) motor and the 1003 a 1,000 watt (1kW) unit. Both measurements are input power. In comparison to combustion outboards, the 603 has power and thrust similar to a 2HP motor and the 1103 has power similar to a 3Hp combustion motor with thrust comparable to a 4 horsepower.

Both come with lithium-ion batteries that clip in, similar to an electric power tool. They are waterproof (IP67) and float if dropped in the water. The battery for the 603 holds 600 watt hours of energy and the 1103 battery has 915 Wh of storage. Both have built-in onboard computers with GPS and remaining range and charge display.

In terms of range Torqeedo offers these estimates, noting that results depend on the type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Torqeedo recommends the 603 for boats like tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1 ton, and the 1003 for boats up to 1.5 tons

Torqeedo Travel 603 with integrated 500 Wh battery

  Speed: knots (km/h) Range: nM (km) Running time: hours

2.21 (4.1)

11.8 (21.8)


Half Throttle

3.23 (6.0)

5.58 (10.34)


Full Throttle

3.94 (7.3)

3.29 (6.1)


Torqeedo Travel 1103 C with integrated 915 Wh battery

  Speed: knots (km/h) Range: nM (km) Running time: hours

2.0 (3.7)

40.0 (74.0)


Half Throttle

3.0 (5.5)

18.0 (33.0)


Full Throttle

5.5 (10.0)

4.6 (8.3)


“At Torqeedo, we understand that our customers expect environmentally respectful boating products which are high quality and cost-effective. Torqeedo continues to lead the way,” said Bez.

The new five-year warranty applies to all Travel motors shipped on or after 28 April, 2023. Customers must register their product online at to be eligible for the warranty extension.


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