Video: Candela C-8 electric boat trial on Miami’s Biscayne Bay

One of the big stories in electric boats for the past few years has been the Candela hydrofoiling speedboat and its impressive technology.

Plugboats has written about it many times, but writing about a boat and going out in a boat can be two different things.

Candela through the pages of Plugboats

So I was very excited when I had the opportunity to go out on the Candela 8 for a spin around Miami’s Biscayne Bay. I had been on an ‘8’ last summer when covering the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, but it was a very short ride because of a very packed schedule for everyone.

Co-produced video: Plugboats and AquaLectric

This time I would be going out with Justin Dalinger of the AquaLectric YouTube channel along with Sofie Lerm of Candela to do a full video exploration of the boat’s capabilities. Plugboats and AquaLectric would produce a joint video and Sofia was our very able guide to all of the aspects of the boat.

Rather than write about what a great experience it was, I will let the video tell the story. Sofia gives us some background on Candela, Justin takes us through some of the technical and driving aspects, and then Sofia gives me a tour of the comfort and amenity features.

Thank you Sofia and thank you Justin, hoping there will be more Plugboats / AquaLectric boating videos in the future!


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