WaVeS 21 – electric boat and boating news

Plugboats WAVES (Watts, Amps, Volts, Electrons) is a regular collection of electric boats and boating news items that we have written about before and are updating, or items we are going to write about but are waiting for more information / developments – or items that are just tidbits you might find interesting.

Here is WaVeS #21, with electric boat and boating news about:

  • IEMA and the Yacht Club de Monaco collaborating on the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
  • a new Feadship superyacht using hydrogen fuel cells for its hotel load
  • X Shore is now an EU ‘Blue Champion’
  • Yachting Ventures is bringing their successful start-up pavilion to the IBEX show
  • ePropulsion and Mercury electric outboards are Boating Industry 2024 Top Producrs
  • Sunreef is developing hull structural foam made of recycled plastics

International Electric Marine Association partnering with Yacht Club de Monaco

The recently formed International Electric Marine Association (IEMA) and Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) have announced that they will now be collaborating on the Club’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge to help facilitate the shared goal of accelerating sustainable technologies in the marine mobility sector.

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is an annual event showcasing the latest marine technology and sustainability advancements, organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco, now in collaboration with the IEMA. As part of the ‘’Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting’’ initiative, this event, scheduled from 1st to 6th July, aims to raise awareness of sustainability in the maritime industry and encourage the widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices on the world’s oceans.

Read Plugboats’ coverage of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

“We are excited to partner with The Yacht Club de Monaco for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge” said Adria Jover, President of IEMA. “This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to advancing sustainable practices in marine transportation and encouraging the involvement of the academic playground.”

Bernard d’Alessandri, General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco, enthusiastically agreed. “Together, IEMA and the MEB can drive positive change in the yachting sector and pave the way for a more sustainable future, involving the new generation of engineers and players in the industry.”

IEMA  Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

New superyacht uses hydrogen fuel cells for hotel load

At the Hydrogen Conference accompanying last year’s Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, there were fascinating presentations and round tables about the use of hydrogen in superyachts.

Now Feadship, one of the world’s largest superyacht builders, has launched Project 821, which it is calling the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell superyacht. The company says the project has been five years in the making and “is the answer to a fundamental question: ‘How far can we push green technology on superyachts?’”

Designed by RWD and with owners representation by Edmiston, Project 821 uses fossil fuel for propulsion but hydrogen fuel cells to supply the ‘hotel load’ of lights, appliances and electrical equipment. On other superyachts this is done with diesel generators. 

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge Hydrogen Conference 2023

“The aim has been to develop a new, clean technology not just for this project, but for the world,” said Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director / CEO Royal Van Lent Shipyard. The size of the proposed yacht – 100-metres-plus – made it a good candidate to explore pure green hydrogen as the fuel-cell source.”

Feadship’s R&D team has been researching hydrogen, among other fossil-free fuel options, as part of the company’s pledge to develop “net zero” yachts by 2030.

For full specs and detailed information on Project 821, visit the Feadship News Release

EU pronounces X Shore a ‘Blue Champion’

Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore has been named an ‘EU Blue Champion’ by the European Commission And European Investment Bank.

The ‘EU Blue Champions’ program provides financial advisory services to, and supports, organizations that are actively: restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, eliminating pollution, and decarbonizing the blue economy.

Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries for the European Commission, is firmly of the opinion that the waters of the world are central to Europe’s climate plans, saying: “There is no Green Deal without the oceans, no green recovery without the blue economy.”

X Shore CEO René Hansen said “It is extremely gratifying to receive this recognition. For too long, boating has been a source of pollution and waste, and X Shore is committed to cleaning up our waters and maintaining the sanctity of our natural environment by reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution. We believe that the future of boating will be a much more harmonious relationship with nature.”

X Shore is one of 20 projects selected for the scheme and has met strict criteria to secure its place. The scheme is supported by the BlueInvest platform, part of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund that encourages innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy.

Congratulations to all at X Shore!

X Shore

Yachting Ventures start-up event coming to US at IBEX

Yachting Ventures, the global hub for startups and investors in the leisure marine industry, is bringing the Start-Up Pavilion they launched at Amsterdam’s METSTRADE show last November to IBEX (International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference) in Tampa, Florida, this October.

The space will provide a platform for 12 start-ups to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the duration of the 3-day event. The new pavilion uses the successful METSTRADE format in offering participants the opportunity to engage with industry experts, present their products, and participate in a pitching competition judged by a panel of investors.

For marine industry start-ups, participation in the IBEX Start-Up Pavilion presents a unique opportunity to gain exposure, access industry networks, and receive valuable feedback from key industry professionals, boat builders, and OEMs in the US. It is a cost effective way to begin exploring the potential of the US market, while also benefiting from the media coverage and content highlighted from Yachting Ventures.

Interested start-ups can »» apply through this link or visit the Yachting Ventures website
The deadline to apply is 1st June 2024, however applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Yachting Ventures   IBEX

ePropulsion and Mercury electric outboards named 2024 Top Products

Boating Industry magazine has included electric outboards from two manufacturers in its list of 2024 Top Products: the ePropulsion eLite and the Mercury Avator 20e and 35e.

To be eligible for consideration, products or services must have been introduced or significantly updated since January 2023. Hundreds of submissions were received from manufacturers across every segment of the industry. The winning products were chosen based on many factors such as their impact on the industry, innovation and how they advanced their category.

The ePropulsion 500w (.5kW) eLite was launched in February as an easy-to-use alternative to low power fossil fuel motors on boats like dinghies. It promises top top speed of 4 knots for 40 minutes / 3 miles (4.8km, 2.6nm) and cruising speed of 2.4 knots for almost 3,5 hours /  9 miles (15km, 7.8nm). Sport mode adds an additional 50% boost in short term power.

ePropulsion launches eLite 500w electric outboard

“We’re grateful to the editorial team at Boating Industry for selecting the eLite as one of this year’s Top Products,” said Tom Watson, President of ePropulsion Americas. “We are constantly trying to push the envelope to make sustainable electric propulsion accessible and we believe that the eLite brings it to a segment of the market that has been overlooked by engine manufacturers.”

The 20e and 35e additions to the Mercury Avator line up of electric outboards were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this past January and are rated with powers of 2.2kW and 3.7kW respectively.

Mercury shows higher power Avator electrics at CES

Dave Foulkes, CEO of Mercury parent Brunswick Corporation, said “I am thrilled that the exceptional accomplishments of our teams have been honored with these awards. They are a wonderful recognition of the extraordinary breadth and depth of our talent and our ability to innovate in ways that genuinely benefit our customers.”

ePropulsion Mercury Marine

ePropulsion motors for sale in Plugboats Marketplace

6. Sunreef integrating recycled plastic bottles into hulls

Sunreef Yachts, which developed hulls made of  ‘solar skin’ – composite materials embedded with photovoltaic cells, is now integrating recycled PET bottles into the production process for the superstructures of its yachts. The 100% recycled PET materials will be  in the structural foam used between sheets of composite.

The company says the recycled thermoplastic core offers numerous benefits, including high resistance to process temperatures, exceptional chemical resistance, strong adhesion, and mechanical properties.

Significantly, the construction of an 80-foot sailing catamaran requires approximately 2.4 tons of this foam core, equivalent to recycling around 600,000 PET bottles. Not only is the foam core made of recycled plastic, the final product is also fully recyclable at end of use.

The company’s Sunreef Eco 80 (that uses the solar skin composite technology) was recently recognized in the Excellence in Business to Consumer category of the German Innovation Award, an esteemed annual accolade that honours innovative products, services, and business models across diverse global industries.

Sunreef Yachts ECO

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