World’s largest boat batteries for Arctic cruise ships

Last May the Norwegian Parliament adopted a resolution to halt emissions “from tourist ships and ferries in the world heritage fjords as soon as feasible and no later than 2026.”

At the time Per Sævik, CEO of Havila, which operates cruisers in the fjords and surround Arctic waters said “Havila welcomes this decision, and will be ready to sail emissions-free in the fjords as early as 2021.”

The company was awarded the route that travels from Bergen to Kirkenes and back – well above the Arctic circle and past the northernmost town in the world. It has now contracted with Corvus Energy of Canada to provide the marine world’s largest battery package to help provide the zero-emission propulsion system.

The world's largest boat batteries will service ships on this route- a map of route from Bergen, Norway to Kirkenes and back

The Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have a per vessel capacity of 6,100 kWh, double the capacity of any existing battery-operated vessel, and for comparison’s sake, 60 times the size of the much publicized Tesla 100kWh pack.

Corvus is understandably enthused not just about this project, but about the future of batteries in large ships. “The unused potential for using batteries on board cruise and passenger ferries is huge.” according to the company’s VP of Sales, Roger Rosvold. “They reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs and provide a very compelling business case, . The industry is just starting to understand the power of batteries.”

The ships are 125 metres long (150 yards) and can each accommodate 700 passengers. The equipment from Corvus Energy is scheduled for delivery in 2020 and the coastal route vessels will be in service from 2021.

Corvus is the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for marine use and have supplied equipment for a variety of short haul electric ferries in Norway. Their installed systems worldwide have a combined capacity of 200 Mega watt hours and more than 2 million operating hours.

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