About Plugboats

Hi. I’m Jeff Butler, Editor of Plugboats.

The first thing I should make clear is that Plugboats is the journal of electric boats, and is not in any way connected to the excellent convention in Europe called ‘Plugboat’. Click on this link if you are looking for Plugboat.

I started Plugboats because I am absolutely positive that the best way forward and the future for all modes of transportation is with electricity as the power source. Not fossil fuels.

I’m not particularly a ‘boat nut’. I have an inboard outboard and an outboard and a classic old outboard motor. I like boats and love being on the water, but I’m more interested in the environmental and carbon free aspect of electric boats than the boats themselves.

That’s why you’ll find all kinds of electric boat news and information here – inboards, outboards, electric jetskis, ferries, cruise chips, cargo ships. It’s all about the power source. Electricity.

A few years ago, I mentioned to a friend of mine (who is a boat nut) that there is a solar ferry in Sydney, Australia. He didn’t tell me that electric boats would never be a thing, but let’s just say he was doubtful about the possibilities. Let’s just say lots of people still are.

But what I have found out since I started Plugboats is that lots of people are very excited about the possibilities of electric boats. Maybe you’re one of them.

If so, I hope you’ll follow Plugboats here or on the twitter feed. I welcome you to comment on any news item. Just to let you know, comments are checked for spam before being approved, so it will not appear immediately. And if you have any suggestions to make Plugboats more interesting, drop me a line using the contact form below. (If you are writing to ask about refitting a boat to electric, be aware that we don’t perform those services, but I am happy to help you find someone if I can. Please provide the information requested.)


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