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The Electric Boats Book is by Jeff Butler, Editor/Publisher of, the world’s leading authority on electric boats and boating. In the Primer you will find both basic and in depth information on everything you need to know to ‘go electric’.

It is the only book with all the latest information about electric boats and boating.

It is comprehensive without being loaded with jargon, and includes easily understood explanations and illustrations of electric motors, batteries, and the concepts behind analyzing range and power.

It starts with ‘5 reasons you might want an electric boat’ and ‘5 questions you might ask about electric boats’ and ends with the interactive Plugboats Cost Calculator spreadsheet that you can use to compare the operating costs of an electric boat motor with a fossil fuel motor of comparable size.

In between there are 80+ pages of information to help you understand electric propulsion and how it is the wave of the future.

When you purchase The Electric Boats Book, you will receive all updates at no extra charge – and there will be lots of updates as new products like improved batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, charging stations and more come on the market.

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